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8 Ways People Management Software Helps with Compliance

— December 20, 2022

In order to avoid these compliance dangers and issues, people management software provides the comprehensive tools you need for a centralized system that will keep all of your employee data organized and accessible.

Failing to comply with relevant legislation can be disastrous for any business. Not only does it put your operations at risk, but you may also face hefty fines and other sanctions if you don’t meet your obligations.

People management software is an invaluable tool to help manage compliance issues. It can provide the tools needed to accurately record and store information about employee contracts, entitlements and obligations.

So, how does this software make it easier for businesses to manage legislative compliance?

Employee Entitlements

When it comes to getting the basics right, people management software can provide a centralized and secure system for monitoring employee entitlements. From holiday and sick pay accrual to the record-keeping of overtime payments, such systems provide HR teams with more accurate records than manual processes.

Safeguarding workers’ rights is a basic requirement of most industrial agreements. Tracking employee entitlements can also be a complicated process because of differences in workplace agreements, casual and part-time employment contracts, as well as awards.

Leave Management

Being able to track and view who is taking what kind of leave when and why enables businesses to ensure that they are meeting their obligations towards employees in terms of payment and other entitlements.

The software also allows for leave requests to be approved and denied quickly, which is essential in making sure that any compliance issues are nipped in the bud immediately.

Employee Records

The administrative burden with human resources can be huge. From contracts to certifications, documents need to be securely stored and managed in order to remain compliant. People management software can help centralize document storage and make it easier to track and manage these documents.

It also means that all relevant documents are easily accessible when needed, which helps with the accuracy and speed of information sharing. This is especially important in times of audit or legal proceedings, as HR departments need to quickly find accurate documentation and information.

Data Protection

GDPR is an integral aspect of businesses these days, and it’s important that businesses have a coherent plan in place for data protection. People management software provides an excellent platform through which to ensure compliance with GDPR as the right processes are built into the system.

From ensuring accurate records and processes around data collection and storage to identifying data breaches as quickly as possible with the right tools in place. The software also makes it possible to carry automate data deletion processes if necessary.

Workplace Diversity

Workplace diversity is a key priority for many businesses, as reflected in the various laws and regulations that govern hiring practices. People management software can help organizations track applicants and monitor their recruitment process to ensure they’re recruiting from diverse backgrounds, following all applicable legislation.

It also can measure workforce demographics over time, helping businesses to keep track of how diverse their workforce is and identify areas where improvements can be made. From recruitment to retention, these systems can provide the data and insights to help organizations meet their diversity goals.

Certification Review & Training Requirements

For businesses operating in heavily regulated industries, the requirement to keep up-to-date records on staff certifications and training can be a hindrance. People management software provides an automated record-keeping system that facilitates the review and renewal of certification and training requirements.

It can also provide access to vital records such as safety training that have been completed, ensuring businesses remain compliant with occupational health and safety regulations. Automated reminders for those certifications and training requirements close to expiration can help ensure the requirements are met on time.

Streamlined Payroll

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The software can be configured to easily generate payroll reports, calculate taxes and deductions, manage timesheets for accurate payroll processing, and more. This ensures that businesses are paying the correct amount to their employees, as well as keeping track of any changes in tax regulations and employee salaries.

It also helps protect employers from fines or other penalties for incorrect payroll calculations. The software can be used to easily generate payslips and payment summaries, making it easier to accurately record financial transactions between employers and employees.

Health and Safety Compliance

Health and safety is a legal requirement for all organizations to ensure their workforce is safe from any potential risks in the workplace. People management software can record and monitor key safety information, such as safety protocols, risk assessments, and training records.

It can also help ensure that businesses comply with health and safety regulations. For example, some software systems allow employers to monitor employee working hours and rest periods to ensure they’re not overworking employees.


In order to avoid these compliance dangers and issues, people management software provides the comprehensive tools you need for a centralized system that will keep all of your employee data organized and accessible. With the proper tools in place, you can ensure that your business complies with all applicable legislation.

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