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800,000 Odyssey Minivans Recalled Amid Safety Concerns

— November 22, 2017

A massive recall for Odyssey minivans has been issued by Honda, impacting approximately 800,000 of the popular vehicles over a problem stemming “from the minivan’s second-row outboard seats.” At the moment the vehicles included in the recall are models manufactured between 2011 and 2017. But what’s the problem, exactly?

Image of the Honda Logo
Honda Logo; Image Courtesy of Twitter,

According to Honda, the second-row outboard seats “may not latch securely to the vehicle body when reinstalling a removed seat or adjusting it side-to-side.” When this happens, “the seat may tip forward under moderate to heavy braking,” increasing the “risk of injury to passengers,” according to the recall notice.

This is a serious matter, and already Honda “has received 46 reports of small injuries related to the problem.” As a result, the company is working hard to find a permanent solution, and will “inform both owners and dealers when it finds one.” So what can consumers and dealerships do in the meantime? Well, for starters Honda “created an instruction sheet, giving explicit details how to securely latch the second-row seats,” and has plans to “post a video to Honda’s owner-site in the near future to ensure that owners are latching seats in the correct manner.”


Honda recalls 800,000 Odyssey minivans for loose seats

Honda Recalls 800,000 Odyssey Minivans Because of Seat Latches

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