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Assaulted by a Drunk Driver After a Car Accident? It’s More Common Than You Think

— May 19, 2022

If a drunk driver assaults you after a crash, they will likely face both DUI and assault charges.

Drunk drivers are often very unpredictable. Even after their vehicle is reduced to a smoking heap of charred metal, many continue to wreak havoc, exiting and sometimes assaulting nearby individuals1. Sometimes, people who have been injured in DUI crashes are subjected to even more physical harm once these drunk maniacs continue their rampages on foot. So what can you do if you find yourself in this situation? Can you sue?

To answer this question, you’ll need to get in touch with a qualified attorney. But we know what you’re thinking: “Where can I find attorneys near me?” The answer is pretty straightforward: there are many Orlando accident lawyers nearby who can assist you. With their help, you can approach this situation in a confident, efficient manner. With the right legal representation, you can pursue a considerable financial settlement and hold drunk drivers accountable for their reckless misconduct. 

Why Might A Drunk Driver Assault Me?

Drunk drivers may assault car accident victims for a number of different reasons. In their drunken state, they may start to believe that you were to blame for the crash. They may then exit their vehicle and become physically violent towards you.

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In other situations, drunk drivers may assault individuals who are trying to stop them from leaving the scene of a crash. Finally, some drunk drivers even attempt to kill car accident victims in an effort to “eliminate the witnesses.” In truth, there is really no way to predict what a drunk driver will do after a crash, as their judgement will be extremely impaired and they will be highly emotional. 

Punitive Damages

If a drunk driver assaults you after a crash, they will likely face both DUI and assault charges. Criminal cases can sometimes include “punitive damages.” This is when the defendant is ordered to pay restitution to any victims of their crimes2. You may receive compensation in the form of punitive damages if you find yourself in this situation. 

When You Can Sue?

You can sue a drunk driver for the crash itself, which may have caused serious injuries. That being said, you can also sue for any assault that followed the crash, and the defendant doesn’t necessarily need to face criminal charges in order to face a lawsuit. 

Where Can I Find an Attorney?

If you’ve been searching for Orlando DUI or DWI accident lawyers, there are many legal professionals who can represent you. With their assistance, you can receive a level of compensation that adequately reflects the true extent of your damages. This can help you pay for medical expenses, missed wages, and a range of non-economic damages, such as emotional distress. Get in touch and book a consultation as soon as possible. 



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