Louis Lombardo runs a web site named "Care for Crash Victims." This is a project of a small business public benefit enterprise, Louis V. Lombardo, LLC. The mission is to improve care for crash victims before, during, and after a crash. Lou believes we are all crash victims -- past, present, and future -- as individuals, families, friends and society. Everyone is impacted by crashes as consumers, insurance premium payers, and taxpayers.


50 Years of “Legal” Climate Change

Record hurricanes, related to climate change, are producing vast devastation.1 Over the past 50 years why have we not been able to create a livable environment? I was privileged in 1967 to contribute to a Federal Government Report “A Strategy for A Livable Environment.” It recommended a 90% reduction in vehicle exhaust emissions.2 Ever since, automotive air pollution from burning fossil fuels has been a major contributor to climate change.3

We the People: Endangered, Captured, and Dying

We the People are endangered, captured, and dying due to corporate greed. Our government has allowed itself to be purchased by corporations, and its actions (deregulation, etc.) are putting Americans in danger every day.

Republican Red States Care Less about People’s Safety

Building a Safer America? Just as the Republican-controlled Congress is considering Health Care, or more accurately Wealth Care, legislation, more people need to be thinking before voting for politicians that care less for people than for money. Our lives depend upon it.

Empowering People with Information

What you don’t know can hurt you. It’s “an old saying,” but it’s also a modern truth. An informed public is better prepared to face the challenges of today’s world, which is why empowering people with information is so important.

Transparency + Truth = Trustworthiness

The American people have just received the most recent example that what we do not know can harm us. It’s only when transparency is combined with truth that we see trustworthiness in our government. Without Transparency – What We Don’t Know Can Harm Us On June 23, 2017 we learned from the Washington Post that

Our Health, Safety and Happiness – Under Attack

Sick? Have a pre-existing condition? Poor? You may be in trouble if the Republican lead Senate gets its way with its new “health plan.” Americans, our health, safety and happiness are under attack. The NY Times’ Robert Pear and Thomas Kaplan report: “Senate Republicans, who have promised a repeal of the Affordable Care Act for

Do “We the People” Want Republicans’ Version of Health Care?

The Declaration of Independence says that, We the People are endowed with “unalienable Rights” of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. But the people’s Life, Liberty, and Happiness are dependent upon health care and safety. Do “We the People” want to go where Republicans want to take us? Republican Proposals The new national policies being

A Closer Look at Nader, NHTSA & Airbags

NY Times Video Report on Nader & Airbags A good video report, published by the New York Times, explores the history of Ralph Nader’s work on airbags and auto safety up to 2014. Everyone should watch it.1 Additional Airbag History This article provides some additional documentation and stories to provide a richer, fairer, and more