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FBI Claims Trump Campaign Colluded With Russian Operatives

CNN reported Wednesday evening that U.S. officials had told the agency they had information associates of Donald Trump had collaborated with Russian operatives in sabotaging the Clinton campaign. FBI Director James Comey made an enemy of Hillary Clinton months before the 2016 presidential election had reached its conclusion. Comey, in an unprecedented move, re-opened a

Trump Supreme Court Pick Neil Gorsuch Faces Second Day of Hearings

Neil Gorsuch is Donald Trump’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Like many of the president’s picks for top offices, Gorsuch has come under intense scrutiny by the public, politicians, and his peers. Wednesday was the second day of the federal appellate judge’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Committee is charged with determining how

Doctors Join Effort to Reinstate Lawsuit Against Firearms Manufacturer Remington

A group of doctors who treated the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre and other mass shooting events are asking the Rhode Island Supreme Court to reinstate a lawsuit against firearms manufacturer Remington. The physicians’ lawyers came out last Tuesday saying they supported an appeal to punish Remington as well as local firearms

A Missing Oxford Comma Could Cost Oakhurst Dairy $10m

A class-action lawsuit about overtime pay for truck drivers has been reduced to a debate about proper grammar. At the core of the case is the Oxford comma – a controversial punctuation mark, which, when absent, can cost companies millions of dollars. Oakhurst Dairy in Maine learned the hard way about the Oxford comma, which

The U.S.A. and U.K. Team Up to Ban Passenger Electronics From Planes

On Tuesday, the British government joined the Trump administration in placing an embargo on passenger electronics. Individuals flying into the United States or United Kingdom from certain countries in the Middle-East and North Africa will no longer be able to carry devices larger than a smartphone in the cabin. Much like the twice-thwarted travel ban,

Everybody Agrees: Nobody Put a Wiretap on Trump Tower

The last two days have been bad for the Trump administration’s political tactics team. Last night, a judge in Hawaii blocked a controversial travel ban intended to keep the citizens of six Muslim-majority countries out of the United States. Today, evidence has begun mounting against one of the president’s more outlandish claims – that Barack

Is the Marine Corps Photo-Sharing Scandal Growing More Massive?

The armed forces came under heavy fire in early March after servicemen were caught circulating lewd photographs of their female colleagues on Facebook. Over the weekend, investigative journalists found out the Marine Corps photo-sharing scandal went further than anyone had expected. The story was first broken by Thomas Brennan of The War Horse, a nonprofit news

Donald Trump Laments the “Bad, Sad News” of Second Travel Ban Block

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked Donald Trump’s revised travel ban mere hours before it was due to take effect. In a lengthy ruling, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson declared that the second version of the ban didn’t appear to be any more legal than the last. Watson sided with critics of the executive order,

21 Children Take on the Government in Global Warming Lawsuit

A pioneering global warming lawsuit brought against the federal government by 21 children could change everything for the Trump administration. Originally filed back when Barack Obama was still in office, the plaintiffs claim that the government is infringing on their right to life, liberty, and property by refusing to take action against climate change. They

Mustafa Ali Resigns As Head of EPA Environmental Justice Program

The long-time head of the Environmental Protection Agency’s program for protecting minorities from pollution, Mustafa Ali, publicly resigned from his post on Thursday. Ali, a 24-year EPA veteran, elected to leave the agency amid talk of his division being defunded. The Environmental Justice initiative was put in line to be axed after Donald Trump proposed