Susanna Leighton is a freelance writer and editor based in Southeast Michigan. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Susanna holds degrees in speech pathology and human services. She is a former special education teacher, an avid lover of all things science, and a steadfast supporter of justice and equality for all. She is currently working on her first book of personal essays entitled, 'A Day Leighton, A Dollar Short.'

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Planned Parenthood?

In 2011, Republican senator Jon Kyl of Arizona falsely claimed that performing abortions was “90 percent” of what Planned Parenthood does. Backtracking on the ludicrous claim, Kyl’s team of trained robots released a statement indicating his remarks were not intended to be a factual statement. Huh? So essentially, we can all spout stats in public,

Death Threats, Deferments, and Trump…Oh, MY!

Donald Trump should be in prison. During a speech on Tuesday, Donald Trump suggested the “Second Amendment people” had the potential to stop Hilary Clinton from appointing any Supreme Court justices. Specifically, “If she gets to pick her judges ― nothing you can do, folks. Although, the Second Amendment people. Maybe there is. I don’t

No Happy Ending for This Cosby Show

Bill Cosby, the once-beloved comedian, sitcom star and “family” man has recently been embroiled in a mass of controversy over allegations he sexually assaulted numerous women beginning in the late 1960s. I know, this isn’t exactly breaking news. What is new, however, is the number of women who have accused him of vile sexual misconduct.

The Power of Good; A Period Piece

In the US today, 40 of the 50 states have what has been termed the “tampon tax.” Women in these states pay sales tax on feminine hygiene products, which have been described as “luxury” items, whereas things like food and medicine are considered “necessities.” Oh, and in some states, Viagra. Viagra is considered a “necessity.”

Pick a Side, Any Side: Pro-Life or Pro-Birth?

Right now, an estimated 15.5 million children in America live in poverty, with 15.3 million of those children going hungry on a daily basis because they live in food-insecure households. This typically means these kids eat 1-2 meals per day, which are often provided through free breakfast and lunch programs available in public schools. This

Why ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Just Won’t Do

I was nine years old when, in 1983, the first black woman was crowned “Miss America.” I admit that at the time, I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of what she had achieved. To that point, I had never been exposed to people who actively despised others they didn’t personally know. In fact, I hadn’t