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Avoiding Car Collisions in Greenville: Top Tips for New Drivers

— November 15, 2021

No matter what precautions you take, you can still have an accident. Stay calm, and follow recommended procedures after an accident.

Greenville, South Carolina, is a small city that has major traffic. Vibrant and growing, new drivers will discover all the problems and headaches that large urban centers experience. Avoiding car collisions is critical for safety, health, and financial wellbeing. Taking a proactive, defensive driving approach is the best way to avoid accidents.

However, in case you get into a car accident, you should immediately hire a car accident attorney in Greenville to fight for your rights. A lawyer will make sure justice is on your side if you caused the accident or were a victim of one. In case you need compensation for injuries, a settlement with insurance companies, or representation in a lawsuit, the wisest choice is to have a law firm manage your case. 

But let’s hope you never experience a car accident because you learn how to prevent one! 

Tips for New Greenville Drivers

Whether you’re a brand new driver or just new at driving in Greenville, you should develop a defensive driving strategy. That means checking on your car’s mechanical condition, obeying the rules of the road, and driving defensively. The top tips for new drivers in Greenville include the following:

  • Avoid Using Your Cellphone
    You might be tempted as a new driver to call your friends or answer a text while driving, but don’t. Distracted driving is the top cause of auto accidents, and young drivers are particularly susceptible to the lure of their electronic devices. Taking your hands off the wheel for just a second can cause a distraction and accident.
  • Check Your Car’s Mechanical Systems
    Man fixing car; image by Arseny Togulev, via
    Man fixing car; image by Arseny Togulev, via

    You can check your lights, brakes, horn, tire pressure, and other mechanical systems regularly. Make sure your restraint system works properly.

  • Follow Safety Precautions While Driving
    According to experts, you should always drive with safety in mind. Keep your eyes moving to observe traffic and pedestrians. Anticipate sudden traffic light changes, and don’t fall into the trap of only looking at the road forward. You have to consider what other drivers might do, and they’re located on side roads, driveways, and parking lot entrances.
  • Check Fluids
    You should regularly check your fluid levels of oil, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and transmission fluid. Check them weekly and more often aft8er driving long distances.
  • Check System Warning Lights
    Many drivers fail to check out the reason system warning lights appear because they seem to light up for no apparent reason. News flash: There’s a reason. The lights are meant to warn you when the car’s not safe to drive.
  • Check Your Blindspots
    Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles can come out of nowhere in Greenville’s peaceful community. So, it is important to check your blindspots before pulling out in traffic or changing lanes. Side view and rearview mirrors don’t cover every area and leave gaping blind spots.
  • Always Use Turn Signals or Hand Signals
    Letting other drivers know you’re turning isn’t just a courtesy but a legal necessity. Use your turn signals for every turn, even in a dedicated turning lane. If your signals burn out, use traditional hand signals.
  • Avoid Driving in Another Car’s Blindspot
    Driving a long time in another car’s blind spot can result in the other driver forgetting you’re there. This is a major cause of accidents.
  • Limit Your Car’s Passengers
    Even insurance specialists agree that it is important to recognize that each additional passenger increases the likelihood of an accident. It’s especially important when you’re a new driver in Greenville because more passengers usually mean horseplay.
  • Limit Driving in Greenville at Night
    Unfortunately, you’re three times as likely to have an accident at night. People driving under the influence challenge new drivers to informal racing and often have mild cases of night blindness. Until you learn to drive defensively around drivers under the influence, keep driving at night to a minimum.
  • Drive to Prevent Rear-end Collisions
    Rear-end accidents are quite common. As a new driver, you must guard against following too closely and being rear-ended by another driver. Drive at a safe speed while keeping up with traffic. Stay at least 3 seconds away from the vehicle in front. Try to avoid situations where you apply your brakes suddenly to prevent rear-ending.
  • Avoid Parking-related Collisions
    As a rapidly growing city, Greenville has increasingly congested parking. Therefore, you should avoid parking in crowded lots. Make sure you’re parked within the area of one car space and avoid areas that infringe on heavy traffic or driveways.

Accidents Happen

No matter what precautions you take, you can still have an accident. Stay calm, and follow recommended procedures after an accident. You should immediately hire a car accident attorney to protect your rights.

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