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Benefits of Bringing Technology into the Legal Industry

— July 6, 2021

As technology enables you to solve problems with a unique and different approach, you’ll realize that both the legal system and a lawyer’s role will be changed with automation.

The world is shifting towards technology and so are the businesses of every sector, and law firms are no exception. Climbing digital walls for businesses of every sector has become a necessity with growing needs; with each day passing, technological advancement is curating newer ways to reduce human efforts and make their tasks more efficient. Technology has made the workflow of organizations better by keeping productivity at maximum and cost to a minimum. It’s no wonder that technology in the legal sector has also reached new heights, with automation.

In the legal industry, businesses are adapting SaaS solutions hosted on the cloud to adopt automation.

Earlier the trend of investing in a heavy in office software was a privilege only larger organizations had; those who could easily afford to invest a large sum of money into software, which granted them an unfair privilege of operational advantage against the medium and smaller sized organizations. Now, since the digital era changed, all the legal support services are available a very minimum cost to large, mid and smaller sized firms such that you don’t have to install heavy in office software. 

A Gartner report earlier this year quoted that by 2025, legal departments will increase their spend on legal technology threefold.

A little investment in legal services can bring a greater ROI with technology playing a major role in the legal sector.

Here is how legal case management software can help law firms:

Improved organizations and management 

Before the technological progress, lawyers would gather, maintain, store and manage documents manually every day. This process was not only exhausting but time-consuming. Legal software systems not only help lawyers, but also their assistants, with efficient management. With calendar management, never miss a date. Automatic calendaring encourages lawyers to fetch essential details more easily and quickly. With features such as document management, a lawyer can arrange, access, retrieve, and store all documents in a single place with easy sorting accessible just by typing certain keywords related to the specific cases.

Woman with paper planner and pen; image by STIL, via
Woman with paper planner and pen; image by STIL, via

Such efficient and intelligent working influences the overall legal process, eventually producing enhanced outcomes. 

Effective solution for employee management and productivity 

Growth in law firms will lead to the expansion of offices and an increase in employees will automatically come into the picture with a different employee working on different cases. Handling multiple law firm branches with many employees will be a hectic process; however, with case management software management, your staff with the staff management feature  can keep track of your employees and duties assigned to them, and who is working on which case. And, with the help of legal case management software, have an easy flow of information between you and your employees and easily share details and documents with your entire staff.

Enhanced client relations and management of contacts 

With the client portal, one of the features will inform clients about calendar notices, emails, and other information, and when you have a bulk of clients, it’s hard to keep track and even more difficult to retrieve information related to them. In practice management software, client information can be synchronized without a need to re-enter details. The software will look up when a certain contact is associated with another matter.

Effective Timekeeping and Billing 

When a lawyer works it hard to keep track of the time with a hectic process of maintaining documents and many legal procedures. This feature will allow you to track the time which is used for billing the clients and sending them the invoices electronically, while also tracking your non-billable time. It is a great option for tracking non-billable time for the employees of your law firm itself.

More Accuracy and Less Mistakes

When handling information manually, one has to share information to one platform, thus increasing the chances of errors and losing some part of the information. You may either tolerate such errors or spend plenty of resources and time fixing and checking mistakes.

With the use of legal case management software, you don’t need to import the information many times. The only thing you’ll need is to import your information once from paper to your software and then you can access and share as many times as you want and if there is any error it will get synchronized from your information to the information you have on the software and the software will do the rest. For instance, if your law firm uses cloud services, all of your data will be available and secure for all of your employees 

Moreover, legal case management software can level up your data organization and upgrade your data management while securing your law firm from any errors and double entries caused by manual inputs.

Effectiveness in working remotely 

In this digital era more and more people want to work remotely, but with this the problem arises of documentation, security, and access to information. One can not manually carry all the paperwork with them that is related to every case; also chances of information and paperwork getting misplaced also increase, but with legal case management software you can easily log in to the cloud from anywhere with a stable internet connection and a computer and retrieve, share, and update information with you.

Legal case management software has many uses and can surely benefit your law firm in many ways, from helping you increase productivity to upgrading your business efficiency. You can be assured that legal software is worth your investment.

However, just make sure to choose the right legal case management software for your unique law firm needs as not all of them work the same; some may not have the features or functionalities you’re looking for.

Here are some legal tech companies that provide legal software with mostly all the features your law firm needs and at the same time at an affordable cost.

1- CaseFox

2- Practice panther 

3- Timesolv

4- My case 

5- Clio

We cannot deny the change in technology is transforming into a necessity in every field. One might take it as disruptive, but technology is, ultimately, taking over every industry, including the legal industry. These changes have helped such sectors enhance communication and productivity among different lawyers and other junior attorneys. Clients now get quick communication and answers to their problems, making technology worth its use!

As technology enables you to solve problems with a unique and different approach, you’ll realize that both the legal system and a lawyer’s role will be changed with automation.

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