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Benefits of Golf for Older Adults

— March 31, 2020

Getting older is a natural, beautiful, and yes, often difficult period, which is why it’s essential to do things that promote physical health and mental stimulation.

A lot of people know about golf, as it’s quite often seen in movies, but when it comes to actual playing, it’s essential to point out that taking up this discipline can actually be life-changing, especially to older adults. But, in order to play it properly, one needs to dedicate some time and effort into achieving certain results. However, if you, just like many other people, prefer to play golf as a hobby, then here are some benefits of golfing that will entice you to play it even more. 

1. Golfing can give you mental stimulation

Some people believe that playing golf is just a silly game, but in fact, it requires a lot of mental stimulation to strategize, focus and solve problems. Playing a regular 18-hole game of golf can be a great way to employ one’s brain, especially for those who have been experiencing the tolls of getting older. Therefore, if you feel like doing a mental and physical exercise at once, then golfing is a perfect opportunity to strengthen brain circuits, and also provide the brain with enough blood flow which can only improve its functioning in the future. 

2. Being on the court can help with loneliness and isolation

Getting older can be quite lonely, despite being surrounded by friends and family. Some older adults prefer traveling, while others decide to pursue certain activities that can help them make friends and have fun while trying something new. Of course, meeting new people requires a certain level of extroversion, but being on a golf course and interacting with other players is a nice way to deal with loneliness and self-imposed social isolation. In case you feel too anxious to go on your own, you can always ask a trusted friend or family member to keep you company, or even better, find a local golfing group and ask them for some useful advice.

3. Playing golf can be great for physical health

Golfing requires a lot of walking and other physical movements, which makes it a perfect choice of exercise for older adults, as it’s less strenuous than running and traditional cardio, while simultaneously being physically stimulating enough to improve one’s health. Every bit of physical exercise, no matter how slow, helps the get the blood pumping to your heart, also reducing the risk of diabetes and stroke in the process. However, in order to be good at golf, it’s essential to get quality golfing equipment. That’s why it’s always advisable to get top rated golf gloves because having the best gear can significantly improve one’s progress when starting a new sport or activity. 

4. It can improve your sleep and reduce stress

Man in lavender socks preparing golf shot; image by Morgan David de Lossy, via
Man in lavender socks preparing golf shot; image by Morgan David de Lossy, via

Regular exercise can do wonders for the quality of sleep, so if you find yourself tossing and turning at night, then maybe it’s time to consider adding physical activity to your daily regimen. Golfing as such is a great way to start moving your body without actually causing any serious injuries. Since it has such positive benefits on one’s well-being, it’s only logical that it can also help you fall asleep faster and remain in deep sleep for longer. Additionally, spending time outdoors walking and socializing can help you relax and feel less stressed. 

5. Golf can reduce the risk of injuries

Almost any physical activity carries a risk of getting injured. So, the more vigorous the exercise, the more chances of getting hurt. On the other hand, golf is a calm, relaxing, and low-impact activity where one walks on a gentle and soft surface (grass) and where the only significant body movement is hitting the ball. This is great news for older players because it allows them to burn calories and lose weight without putting themselves in danger. 

6. Being an avid golfer is great for one’s self-esteem

Some people prefer to be insecure without actually working towards solving their issues. Still, some hobbies can be amazing for improving self-esteem, and being an avid golfer is one of them, because it requires patience and practice, while also providing a player with visible results. Aside from that, golfing is a wonderful way to travel and meet like-minded individuals, so it’s no wonder that more and more people choose golf tourism as their preferred method of travel. Going to different places and socializing with those who are different from us can give you a sense of accomplishment, which is something older adults definitely need.


Getting older is a natural, beautiful, and yes, often difficult period, which is why it’s essential to do things that promote physical health and mental stimulation. Golfing is a soothing and engaging activity, so if you’re planning to do something productive and pleasant, then make sure to try playing this all-encompassing sport, because it’s very likely that you’ll find it enjoyable and fun. 

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