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What Happens If You’re Injured in a Retail Store?

— March 31, 2020

Retail store injuries can become a bit messy if they are taken to court. However, this isn’t a reason for you not to claim what belongs to you.

Even though retail stores do their best to ensure their space is safe for both customers to shop and employees to work, retail store injuries still occur from time to time. 

All retail stores must adhere to both federal and state safety regulations to eliminate workplace hazards. That being said, it’s up to the stores to follow the regulations and codes to ensure that their premises are safe. If a store fails to follow the regulations, injuries are more likely to happen. As an employee or customer, the best thing you can do is be well informed of the best practices in the case of an injury at a retail store. 

What should you do after an injury in a retail store?

If, unfortunately, you did get injured in a retail store, the first thing you should do is decide whether you will take legal action or not. The choice is completely yours and you should think before doing anything. If you don’t need financial assistance for the treatment of injuries, you don’t have to seek compensation from the store. There is nothing wrong with this. What’s more, it’s a generous act. The best thing you could do is get in touch with the person responsible for the premises and see whether you can work the situation on a personal level or if you need to involve someone else. 

On the other hand, if you do want to seek compensation from the store, the path may be a bit rougher, but it is worth trying. You should realize that the store is probably used to lawsuits if the business is successful. That means that you’ll have to get into the battle well prepared and ready to fight. 

If you’ve suffered any kind of personal injury in a retail store, you have the right to ask for compensation. You need to pay attention to the factors that may nullify your claim. For instance, you need to know whether there was an assumption of risk when you were injured. For example, if the accident occurs because of the slippery floor, but there was a sign, your case may not be fully supported. 

Types of shopping injuries

When it comes to shopping injuries, several types of injuries may occur. They occur when you’re visiting a store, a shopping mall, or some similar retail establishment. Injuries vary from minor to much more serious injuries. 

Minor injuries include instances such as sticking yourself with a clothing sensor. They don’t have serious consequences and they are more common than serious injuries. On the other hand, serious injuries include broken bones, sprains, and head trauma. Neck injury and spinal injury can also happen in a retail store, especially when it comes to malfunctioning or dangerous escalators and elevators.

The most common retail store injuries are slips and falls due to wet floors or missing handrails, torn carpets or even poor lighting. You could also fall because yourtripped over a cart. Even overcrowding hazards and parking lot injuries are retail store related. 

Racks of clothing in shop; image via Clark Street Mercantile, via
Racks of clothing in shop; image via Clark Street Mercantile, via

Interesting retail store injury claims

Apart from common retail store injury claims, there are more unusual real-life claims that occur every now and then, such as:

  • Equipment accidents: Equipment accidents usually occur from faulty or broken equipment. To make this an injury claim, the important part of the story is that you weren’t warned of the state of the equipment. A similar scenario may happen with furnishing and appliances, too. The injury may happen when you take a product off a shelf that ends up collapsing on you.
  • Dog bites: There is no need for any kind of warnings here. If you were on a store property and a dog attacked you, you have a case. 
  • Sexual assault: If you have been sexually assaulted in a retail store, the property owner has to take the necessary measures to prevent similar accidents from happening. If he or she doesn’t, you also have a solid case. 

How to make a retail store injury claim

When it comes to a retail store injury, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Even if you think you’re fine, it’s worth getting checked over for peace of mind. If possible, try to identify the witnesses and check the surveillance cameras. All this will be very important for your claim.

Next, if you’ve decided to seek compensation, you’ll need to find a trustworthy lawyer. After that, you can develop your plan further. If you do everything correctly, you’ll be able to recover your medical bills and your lost wages if you weren’t working due to the injuries. You can even be compensated for physical or emotional loss caused by the injury. 

Retail store injuries can become a bit messy if they are taken to court. However, this isn’t a reason for you not to claim what belongs to you. If you have been wronged by a retail store, make sure to do everything correctly and follow these tips and you should be able to claim the compensation you deserve.

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