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Key Traits of a Good Accident Attorney

— March 11, 2020

When you hire a law firm or an individual accident attorney, they stay by your side and work exclusively for your benefit.

Andrew has been extremely disturbed after he confronted a severe motor accident on the highway. His wife and daughter sustained serious injuries. Even though they’re home now, those hefty medical bills have burned a big hole in his pocket. As he was away from work for quite some time, he doesn’t fall into a suitable place for requesting a loan.

To top it all, the flashbacks of the horrifying ordeal are disturbing the whole family since day one!

Does this scenario ring a bell? Have you or one of your loved ones ever faced such trauma? If not, good for you! We wish you a safe life in the future too! 

A Safety Measure

However, it is prudent to know all your options, in case you fall victim to an accident or injury. It can happen just about anywhere. Be it at work, in a park, walking on a sidewalk, during medical treatment, or in your neighborhood. 

When you are confident the injury resulted due to negligence of someone else, it is your due right to consult a personal injury lawyer. There is a chance you’ll get monetary compensation. 

Of all the causes of injury mentioned above, car incidents are most important. According to the CDC, more than 32,000 people die in car accidents, and another two million get injured.

Perks of Legal Representation

Even though there is no return for the lives lost and trauma you had to bear, the least you can do is find a good personal injury lawyer. 

He/she will inform you of your privileges and rights, so you get payback for the suffering you had to endure. 

The second party may try to reconcile and negotiate with you. It is natural to make wrong decisions since you carry heavy emotional baggage during those days. Having a good lawyer by your side weeds out the chance of making an unfavorable decision for the future.

Qualities of Accident Attorney

After knowing the role of an accident attorney and searching for your options, it is logical to space out due to information overload.

There is a broad spectrum of choices, and the task of hiring someone to take care of your legal issue seems tough. Here are key traits to look for in a good accident attorney:

Closeup shot of gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via
Closeup shot of gavel; image by Bill Oxford, via
  • Compassion

This one leads the list in practically every blog you’ll read on the subject. Compassion is the trait that shows the lawyer cares about his/her clients. They aren’t only concerned with the money they make, but they want to get the best settlement for their clients. 

This often means working longer hours, meeting with witnesses, preparing documents, meeting over and over again, etc. 

Such lawyers do not let the victims bury their faces in the sand but buck them up to put on their brave faces. They want to make sure you receive fair compensation, overcome your injuries, and avail the best level of medical/psychological care.

  • Specialized

Reputation is most important when it comes to trusting a lawyer. There are a lot of law firms out there who deal with personal injury cases. To play safe, you must filter out the ones you find reliable. 

Ask around and read up their reviews on social forums. The kinds of cases they have handled in the past, and their success ratio will give you a good idea of what he/she can do about your case.

Look for Winter Park Lawyer, who has earned a credible reputation among their peers. You will find a long-list staring at you on your screen. Scan their credentials like media listings, journals, mention articles, prior achievements, etc. 

  • Communication

Media content often focuses on the dramatic lives of the attorneys, which is true in a few cases, but not all. Juggling with the clauses and proofs, much of the content falls short in highlighting the intricate connection a lawyer builds with his/her clientele.

Communication has to be more extensive in case of personal injuries. The lawyer you hire should know how to keep clients in the loop throughout the process. They have to keep you informed at every step, send you copies of each letter, promptly respond to your e-mails and phone calls, and give reports on case settlement progress.

Remember, you are going to be in a weak position after the accident. The attorney has to take care of everything on your behalf. Yet, it certainly doesn’t mean they have the right to make every decision on their own.

  • Thorough

An accident attorney is the one who wears a lot of hats at once. Their only concern is not to get you the money. Instead, they have to pay particular attention to details, such as, what was your conduct during the injury? How did you sustain them? What was your mental/emotional state when you came across the accident?

A good accident attorney will collect every pertinent item of the event to evaluate your damages. Also, if they discover a flaw on your side, they will instantly report it to you. You can then decide your further moves by mutual discussion.

  • Empowerment 

An accident attorney knows how victims are grasping at straws during these miserable life events. He/she makes sure to tackle the complications. Besides this, they will also work on empowering their esteemed clients. They will explain in detail how the entire process works and what elements you should take care of. Plus, they guide you about your future strategies, too.

You understandably have a plethora of questions. An accident attorney provides a good answer to all your queries and cuts out the hectic tasks like filing, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Legal matters can be complex. Thinking you’re capable enough to manage affairs even in dire straits isn’t wise. When you hire a law firm or an individual accident attorney, they stay by your side and work exclusively for your benefit. The quest is to find a sound, reliable, and honest accident attorney. 

Have you found one? Let us know! 

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