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Berlin Wall Remedy Cures Many Ailments, Maybe

— September 26, 2019

The Royal Family seems to suppor the ‘Berlin Wall Remedy,’ complete with pieces of the wall.

Homeopathic pills based on ground up fragments of the Berlin Wall are actually on sale at London’s Ainsworths pharmacy.  The Berlin Wall remedy, as it has been dubbed, is supposed to help with “feelings of separation and boost relationships.”  It has also been said it can cure asthma and depression.  The pharmacy sells remedy in a “a wide variety of forms and strengths,” according to its site, including £18.60 for a 50g bottle of pills, and £108.00 for 100ml – the equivalent to 96% alcohol.  In general, the solution contains pieces of ball diluted with lactose, water and alcohol.

Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, in order to promote his new book, Alternative Medicine: A Critical Assessment of 150 Modalities, recently gave a talk in which he had shed light on evidence behind alternative therapies including kinesiology, radionics, and placentophagy, as well as diagnostic tests, such as hair analysis and live blood analysis.

Berlin Wall Remedy Cures Many Ailments, Maybe
Photo by Zany Jadraque on Unsplash

During his speech, Professor Ernst said that the Berlin Wall remedies were “not only bonkers but also ineffective.”  The remedy is the subject of a section of the forthcoming title.  Ernst added, “Homeopaths do not believe it is a pharmacological action, but it is a sort of vital force that is acting…So the vital force, the spiritual force that was in the Berlin Wall, the intention that was in the Berlin Wall, is in the remedy.”

Tony Pinkus, director of Ainsworths, accused Ernst of ignorance and claimed he was “an arch sceptic of homeopathy” and that there was “high quality research to back the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.”

The Royal Family has, who backs the pharmacy, has come up with a variety of homeopathic solutions and alternative medicines, including those made highly diluted from plants, chemicals, minerals and animal sources.

According to his website, “Professor Ernst is/was founder/Editor-in-Chief of three medical journals (‘Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies’, ‘European Journal of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation’ and ‘Perfusion’).  He has been a columnist for many publications (BMJ, GP, PJ, The Guardian, The Independent, The Spectator, etc.).  His work has been awarded with 17 scientific awards (most recent: John Maddox Prize 2015 and Ockham Award 2017) and two Visiting Professorships (Canada and USA). He served on the ‘Medicines Commission’ of the British ‘Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’ (1994 – 2005).”

On his site, the professor lists a whole host of ailments the Berlin Wall remedy is supposed to treat, then states, that if one suffers from any of these, “according to some homeopaths, in need of a very special homeopathic remedy: BERLIN WALL…No, I am not joking!  There are even case reports of successful treatments with this extraordinary remedy: A case of asthma, fear and depression, solved with the remedy ‘Berlin Wall’…Homeopathy is based on the ‘like cures like’ principle.  This means that anything which causes symptoms in a healthy person, can be used to treat these symptoms when they occur in a patient. ANYTHING! Even fragments from the BERLIN WALL…Of course, the bits of the wall are not administered in their original form; this might be unhealthy and, eventually, it could even exhaust the supply of the raw material. I t is ‘potentized’ which means it is diluted and diluted and diluted and diluted and…So, the homeopathic BERLIN WALL is as safe as a placebo – in fact, it is a placebo!”


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