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Best Tips and Tricks to Design Instagram Stories for Your Fashion Business

— May 28, 2021

You can use the user-generated content of your followers after seeking their permission to your IG Stories. 

Are you contemplating making the most out of Instagram Stories to boost your fashion brand? If yes, then you are reading the right article. Did you know that more than 500 million IG accounts are tapping Stories content daily and most essentially, one-third of the stories viewed the most time are from brands? It means that you need to master the use of IG Stories for your fashion business to take your branding to the next level. You can garner more likes and followers through Stories content provided you know the rules of the game. 

If you are wondering how to create awesome Instagram Stories content, we have the answers for you. Here are the best tips and tricks to create cool IG Stories content to take your fashion business to the next level: 

Use apt links in your IG Stories

When you manage to have a fashion business page on IG with more than 10k followers, it becomes a tad easier to generate traffic through your Instagram Stories. All you need to do is load your story with images of any product from every angle, on different models, and in various settings. Next, you need to reach out to your targeted audience with some call-to-action or promo code right at the end of the post. 

The Instagrammers can swipe up on your Stories content that has the link or URL. You can use this link to redirect the users to your website, product pages, or anywhere you like to easily. 

The URL is not that obvious and therefore, you need to educate your followers to swipe to learn more about your products or services. 

You may also use GIFs, designs, and stickers to pique audience interest through the link in your Instagram Stories content. You can understand now that benefit of sending your followers to precise landing pages from your IG Stories is quite beneficial. It could be a blog article, a product page, or anything. Instagram provides you with great business opportunities for fashion brands to generate quality and increased traffic, leads, and sales right from your Stories content. 

Ask interesting questions through Stories 

Unlike emoji sliders and poll stickers, which let Instagrammers vote on the questions you ask. Incorporating question stickers for your IG Story lets others submit some questions so that you can answer them. 

As far as the IG Stories question sticker is concerned, it is the best way to initiate a social media conversation related to your fashion business and that too with your IG followers. Your audience will like the free suggestion you offer while allowing your business to highlight your product offerings. When you create posts with questions or you answer questions, it also helps you to buy likes on Instagram. 

No matter whether you want to collate product feedback or for that matter, crowdsource ideas, or include question stickers, it is a unique way to build engagement with your Instagram followers. 

Experiment with emoji sliders and polls 

Do you think of asking questions through polls and sliders? What your IG followers like, what they do not like, things like that. If not, this is the time to do so. No matter whether you would like to collate customer feedback related to your products, services, or just want to entertain your audience, polls stickers are your best bet when it comes to building engagement with your targeted audience. 

These days, brands are collecting customer feedback through poll stickers as well as emoji sliders. It helps businesses to get useful insights on their existing products right from the IG followers. 

Use IG Posts and IGTV content in your Stories

Image by Tunahan Gunkan, via
Image by Tunahan Gunkan, via

Now you can easily share IG posts and IGTV content in your Stories. The content you share will display your username if you post it so that Instagrammers can tap on it to check the original IG content or post. You can use the user-generated content of your followers after seeking their permission to your IG Stories. 

Make the most out of GIFs in your IG Stories 

Of late, Instagram partnered with GIPHY to create a library of best quality GIFs using Stories. You can now inject some fun through animated GIFs to an image or video in your IG Story. Integrating GIFs into your IG Stories is simple. When you will tap to include a sticker to your image or video in the Stories content, you will now notice a GIF option. All you need to do is tap the option to find a complete library of numerous moving GIFs, which is powered by GIPHY. 

Did you know some of the brands are designing their GIFs for IG Stories to inspire followers to utilize those in the posts? 

If you use the GIF feature in your Instagram Story constantly, you will manage to add some persona to your IG Stories content and build a loyal base of followers. 


Keep these tips in mind to design awesome IG Stories content for your fashion brand. It will help you gain more followers and engagement in little time. 

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