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Why Bidets are Beneficial for Human Health

— August 8, 2019

Bidets offer a variety of benefits from skin care to helping slow deforestation.

There has been a century-long stigma surrounding the use of bidets. What is considered a normal and everyday bathroom fixture in places like Japan has been a long-debated issue in the West. Yes, the first bidets that appeared in rural France back in the 17th century were made from wood and uncomfortable to use but technology has advanced by now so much that there are even bidets with LED lights inside them! Special effects set aside, the bidet actually has a lot of health benefits that not many people are fully aware of. If only we knew to the fullest how much bidets were beneficial to our health, we would install one in our bathroom right away.

For people with skin issues…

The group of people who literally cannot do without a bidet are those individuals who have an inflammatory bowel condition or hemorrhoids. Their skin down below is easily irritable so using toilet paper, regardless of its cellulose content, is out of the picture. Simply put, water is soothing to the skin and it doesn’t’ irritate it, helping the condition improve, not worsen.

Woman’s feet and legs, in black shoes and jeans, on pink and white tile; image by Kelly Sikkema, via
Woman’s feet and legs, in black shoes and jeans, on pink and white tile; image by Kelly Sikkema, via

…and for healthy individuals

You might have guessed that people with hemorrhoids use bidets but did you know that every single person can also benefit from it? The lack of need to buy toilet paper will not only help you save money but improve your health. A soothing jet of water will prevent any diseases from spreading around your bottom and the skin will remain tight and healthy. This is especially important for children who are learning how to use the toilet, as they will find the bidet a fun addition to wiping their bottom, much more interesting than the conventional toilet seat.

Pregnant women and seniors

Have you ever considered the acrobatics necessary to use the toilet? You have to stand up slightly, grab the toilet paper and then twist your hip to wipe several times. Sounds easy enough but what if you were a pregnant woman or a senior? For the former, every lateral motion that is not natural causes pain and stress, which should be avoided during pregnancy. Also, after childbirth, the skin of the private parts is far more irritable, so using toilet paper can have inflammatory consequences.

When it comes to the elderly, using the toilet is important for their mental health and self-confidence. Because they have issues with mobility, often they are dependent on other people when nature calls. This can fall hard both to them and their children. A bidet means that the process of going to the bathroom is eased enough that they can do it on their own. This means more independence and an improved self-image.

It’s like an ordinary toilet bowl, right?

The health benefits we list here are due to the unique design of a bidet and its several functions. Firstly, there are bidets that are nothing more than additions to the toilet seats so you can carry them with yourself wherever you travel. Secondly, there are numerous add-ons that will make you love your bidet. For instance, a common addition to Japanese toilet seats are warmers that ensure your bottom is nice and warm during the coldest of days. They are especially handy if your bathroom has poor insulation and heating. The LED lights we mentioned in the introduction serve a purpose greater than ambient lights. They are so powerful that they can be used to illuminate the entire bathroom with different colors.

Hygiene within hand’s reach, literally

Apart from helping your skin stay hydrated, bidets are far easier to use than conventional toilet bowls. You sit, you do your thing, turn the jets on, us your hands to wipe the bottom, and you wash your hands. That’s it, there is no sighing because you have forgotten to replace the toilet roll or clogging of the toilet by too much paper. By installing a bidet you are saving time, money, and the planet.

An indirect health benefit

Deforestation is a huge problem because it is destroying the lungs that our planet uses to breathe. A simple bidet can help reverse this process as these bathroom fixtures don’t use toilet paper that is made from, you’ve guessed it correctly, timber. If you are an eco-aware person, then know that no trees will have to be fallen because you need to go to the toilet. Furthermore, toilet paper makes for the biggest percentage of paper use in an average household, as all you’ll need are a few rolls of kitchen towels once you get rid of toilet paper.

We hope that by now you fully realize all the health benefits attached to the use of bidets. They are simple in design and the cultural stigma attached to them should be lifted. Once you fit your bathroom with a bidet it will be hard to return to using the toilet bowl because you will easily get used to all its advantages. A warm toilet seat, a light show from the inside, and a soothing stream of warm water; what more could a person ask form a piece of sanitary equipment!

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