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How to Build a Brand That Attracts Gen Z Customers

— January 24, 2020

Instead of noisy ads and emails that spam your customers with no real value, reach your Gen Z customers by focusing on creating brand purpose and value.

Building a business nowadays takes so much more than setting up a sleek website and claiming you run an eco-conscious company – these may be advantages, but considering the over-saturation of every single market, your brand needs a stellar presence all around to appeal to its target audience. When your customers come from Generation Z, you have a unique challenge on your hands. Gen Z are tech-driven, young and ambitious people who will have none of the traditional, sales-focused communication. They live and breathe social media, they lead hasty lives, and they cherish their personal lives. 

To get their attention, you need a personality, not a shop. This is where branding steps in to save the day, or in this case, to save your business. To build a brand that appeals to Gen Z customers, there are a few key ideas to keep in mind. Let’s go over them and see how you can use these ideas to fuel your brand-building process in the aims of attracting your target demographic.

Consistency is the key to success

Brand recognition may begin with a distinct logo and color palette, but it certainly doesn’t end there, especially not for your typical Gen Z buyer. In fact, they want the experience of interacting with your brand to be overwhelmingly recognizable across all possible channels. Your voice, your image, your visuals, every single presentation of your brand should be consistent and recognizable, and preferably, memorable. 

If your customers are having a hard time connecting a social media post to your brand, they’ll be unlikely to trust you. Brand consistency is one of the key factors in enabling your Gen Z audience to connect and trust your business for the long haul. 

Go visual to boost user experience

Content creation makes for one major part of creating your brand and the entire user experience across all channels. Whether you’re posting educational tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, original photos, or lengthy articles on industry-essential topics, your content should have the distinct look, feel, and voice of your brand. Above all, Gen Z customers prefer to enjoy content in a more visual format, so you also need to make sure that you present your dry data and fun facts with that visual edge.

Woman looking at pictures on a smartphone; image by Georgia de Lotz, via
Woman looking at pictures on a smartphone; image by Georgia de Lotz, via

Some novel brands might not have the resources to handle the design to such an extent and on a regular basis, which is where agencies such as Infostarters step in to provide beautifully-designed content in different formats to appeal to your target audience. Whether you need to spruce up your infographics, brochures, product catalogs, or simply give your articles a visual edge, infusing them with the look of your brand is the right way to go. This will in turn boost brand recognition, inspire greater engagement, and allow your Gen Z customers to enjoy the kind of content they appreciate the most.

Let your audience create the brand with you

The brand doesn’t end or begin with you on your throne as its owner or inventor. You might be the initial one to kick-start that brand into being, but without your audience and without the need for your service or product, your brand wouldn’t stand a chance. With that in mind, Gen Z customers are aware of their own role in the process, and they like to feel included and part of the brand-building journey. 

Encouraging user-generated content on many levels is one of the key ways to allow your customers to shape the perception of your brand and to empower them to give it their own meaning and purpose. Add to that, collaborating with influencers allows you to give your brand another customer-centric voice, empower transparency, and let your target demographic craft the brand itself. By giving them the power to define your brand’s voice, they will be much more likely to establish a connection.

Tell your brand’s story 

Storytelling is far from a novel concept. In fact, it’s at least as old as the notion of branding, since one cannot exist without the other. However, when you’re looking to appeal to this particular generation, storytelling doesn’t end with crafting that initial story of your brand’s origin. Storytelling is an ongoing effort that allows your Gen Z customers to get to know your brand much like they would get to know a person, through regular and unique content, be it visual or written, through events, social media interactions, and industry-relevant effort.

Your brand needs to use its presence to answer relevant questions, help its Gen Z customers boost their quality of life, and overall ensure value through its existence. Storytelling is one of the key ways in which your brand achieves that. Tell your brand’s story as it unfolds and your brand evolves, and you’ll give your Gen Z customers all the more reason to connect with your business on an emotional level, which in turn inspires loyalty. 

Instead of noisy ads and emails that spam your customers with no real value, reach your Gen Z customers by focusing on creating brand purpose and value. Use this simple, but effective guide to define your brand in such terms, and you’ll have a toolbox of branding essentials ready to dazzle your target demographic instead of alienating them one sales-y post at a time. Focus on brand building through value and transparency, and your customers will be loyal to your business in return. 

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