Are Repair Cafes Bad for the Economy?

Do you really own what you buy? If you own something, you should be able to do pretty much anything you want to do with it, like repair it, sell it, or set it on fire (safely and legally, of course). It’s that first one that we’ll consider at here. Some items, such as clothing or older cars, you can repair yourself (or have your agent do so). Others, such as iPhones, are practically impossible. Certain manufacturers have a monopoly on fixing items they manufacture and sell. Currently, eight states are considering right-to-repair legislation that would require electronics manufacturers to make spare parts and manuals available to repair shops and the public. Right-to-repair bills are part of a larger trend towards self-reliance and do-it-yourself venues such as Maker spaces and repair cafes.

CFPB Warns Of Student Loan Data Errors

Student loan debt is something many graduates find themselves saddled with for years, or even decades, after graduation. Unfortunately, this means they have to endure the occasional tango with student loan servicers, whether to determine monthly payment amounts, repayment plans or to address other questions and concerns that might arise over the life of a loan. The last thing on the minds of graduates and students alike is whether or not their student loan servicer is being honest with them and not trying to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, it seems some student loan servicers haven’t been playing nice lately, which prompted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to issue a warning on Monday to consumers to “pay close attention to their personal information on record with student loan servicers as errors are popping up that can cost borrowers dearly.”