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Can a Lawyer Help You After a Rideshare Physical Assault?

— June 10, 2022

If a rideshare driver has assaulted you or someone you know, you need to report the entire incident to your lawyer.

Moving from one place to the other at an odd hour has become easy because of the presence and expansion of the rideshare companies. Today, there are several apps for rideshare companies that allow a person to book a car and travel for their daily commute and when they have to go out and attend to their everyday chores. While this is a benefit, it has also resulted in a challenge. Over the years, there have been many complaints about physical assault against the rideshare companies. The complaints rates are alarmingly high. 

There have been instances where a passenger has been kidnapped, raped, or assaulted by the driver that they booked from the rideshare app. And should you know about such an instance, you shouldn’t sit quietly. It is necessary to file a legal claim. Are you wondering whether the legal firms or the lawyers can help you with this or not? If yes, then the answer is yes. 

Why is an expert lawyer essential?

Getting sexually assaulted by a rideshare vehicle driver is an experience that stays with the victim for a long time. It’s not just sad. The entire experience cripples the victim from within and gives a big blow to their self-esteem. There are times when the victims shy away from filing a case of the horror and shame of the incident. But it is here that an expert lawyer can make a difference. An expert lawyer will bring tact and sensitivity to the case and ensure that the victim doesn’t get victimized. They will ensure that the verdict is in their favor. 

When you connect with an expert lawyer, you can empower the victim to stand for her rights and play her role in getting things right for herself. 

The things that you must do

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If a rideshare driver has assaulted you or someone you know, you need to report the entire incident to your lawyer. And it would help if you got it done right after the incident. Share as many details as you can with the lawyer. You will have the details of the car number and model number from the app that you can share with the lawyer. That aside, if you have any witnesses, you should report the same. 

Usually, the drivers who assault people do it with tact. They either take the car to a remote location or don’t leave any trace for the victim to file a case. Only an expert lawyer can help you if you face anything like this. Keeping quiet will only increase such cases. Once you file a lawsuit, it will also alert the rideshare companies, and they can opt-in for the correct screening process for their drivers and recruit the ones who have a clean record. It’s because no brand would want negative feedback that will go against their goodwill. 

Today, several lawyers and legal firms have fought cases for individuals who have been sexually assaulted in a rideshare vehicle. It would help if you made the correct choice here. 

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