Clarence M. Ditlow III; image courtesy of

Safety leaders gathered in January to honor the more than 40 years of work by Clarence M. Ditlow III in saving millions of Americans from death and injuries from vehicle violence. Joan Claybrook announced a goal of raising $5 million to continue Clarence’s work at the Center for Auto Safety (CAS).1

In a brief video Clarence, introduced by Ralph Nader, summarized his successful strategy to advance safety and consumer protection by establishing legal rights and remedies for the people and the legal profession.2

The legal profession has an important ethical, economic, and humanitarian role in continuing Clarence’s work for safety and justice. Lawyers often learn of the harm and consequences to crash victims first hand. Lawyers also have the professional training to evaluate and organize the facts of crashes, injuries, treatments, and outcomes into a coherent case for possible compensation.

Clarence M. Ditlow III; image courtesy of
Clarence M. Ditlow III; image courtesy of

Continuing Clarence’s Priceless Work

Highlights of Clarence’s work – not including his testimony before Congress, Executive agencies, his media involvement, and support of consumers and crash victims – include:

The Center for Auto Safety is seeking an Executive Director

The job description reveals some of what Clarence did and what it took to accomplish.

Clarence is irreplaceable, but his work leaves a legacy of what to do to defend the American people against future vehicle violence. His pioneering work points to how to achieve further advances in safety and justice.

Doing Our Part

The American people need us to help grow a network of lawyers, crash victims (past, present, and future) and survivors, and consumer advocates to help fund and advance Clarence’s work. The stories of crash victims and their families need to be heard and heeded. To be heeded our voices need to be organized for effectiveness.

Think of a network of people who join together to continue Clarence’s work to stop the currently endless tragedies. We can help organize to build a more just and safer America.4

Send checks payable to the Ditlow Fund for Auto Safety using the Pledge form. Suggested donations: $35 to $5,000.


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