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Common Business Dispute Types Your Lawyer Should Handle

— June 3, 2019

All businesses face problems eventually. However, such a dispute doesn’t need to spell the end of the business.

Under the strata by laws Sydney, many common dispute types are solved by the experts easily. Companies might go through difficulties while enabling strategies for success. At such a time, dispute lawyers can help in overcoming any dispute that has occurred.

However, the rates of the lawyers depend highly on the type of dispute. That is why having information about all these types is critical for any business person to select the expert for solving problems within the firm. It also helps in preparing for worst-case scenarios and avoidance of legal actions that are not usually required, depending on the client budget.

Even though law firms handle many types of business disputes, the following are the most common and dangerous ones for small businesses.

Partnership disputes

Partners can go through official disputes resulting in a critical situation where the entire business is at stake. The lawyers specifically work to resolve the official and legal disputes as best they can. They work to have the disputes minimized to place a positive impact on the business operations.

The professionals ensure solving the partnership disputes by providing legal options to both the parties. They sensitively deal with the situation, reducing unnecessary politics, to make sure that the partnership can remain in a good spirit for the future of the company. Disputes can usually arise due to fraud accusations, breach of contract or fiduciary duty, business sales or purchases, disagreements, and others.

Man and woman at conference table with laptop; image by Headway, via
Man and woman at conference table with laptop; image by Headway, via

Dispute between businesses

Such disputes are common among the people in the business world today. It may seem like a minor dispute at first, but it can turn out to be disastrous for the entire firm. This is why many clients make sure to approach dispute lawyers in the earlier stages of business disputes.

The lawyers make sure to determine the business objectives from both the sides and the insights about how the company leaders desire to solve the dispute. All the critical things are discussed, including strategies, risks, budget, market value, yearly performance, financial status, and reason for the dispute. The first aspect used to solve the dispute between businesses is a negotiation. Another solution includes arbitration that is a less expensive option for smaller firms.

Contract disputes

Contracts are critical to initiate one’s relationship with the business. Such contracts can be used for both the partnership and hiring employees. However, disputes might occur that can give rise to problems on both sides. Such disputes occur when the contract is breached, and the parties fail to solve it themselves. The lawyers come at such a point to find possible solutions to disputes and ensure the development of the client firm.

Customer disputes

Fortunately, this happens rarely causing the companies to lose important clients. Customers may somehow remain unhappy with the services or product of the company, assuming the firm as a fraud. It may also happen because of misplaced or poor quality products. The lawyers assume the role of problem solver and ensure that the problem is solved without hindrance and losses.

Shareholder disputes

Shareholder protection is critical for the business so that it can grow. Being a shareholder, one needs full or critical access to the information. However, disputes usually happen when this access is restricted. Other reasons for disputes include unfair actions and fraud activities. A dispute lawyer ensures finding the best solutions to resolve shareholder disputes.

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