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Compensation Demystified: Navigating the Legal Process for Personal Injury Victims

— February 20, 2024

Trust that your case is worth adequate compensation without deception, and let your personal injury lawyer do their job to get you what you need and deserve. 

Navigating a personal injury legal process, considered a civil action/lawsuit, as a victim can be stressful and complex. However, having the right lawyer(s) behind you could help ease the pressure as they offer guidance about what they need from you while they take the lead. Understanding the compensation and other monetary aspects from start to finish can benefit the operation and smooth the process. 

Have the proper paperwork and photographic proof

It is not enough to just say you were injured and you are a personal injury victim. You need proof in the form of paperwork and photographs. This paperwork can include (but is not limited to) photos of your injuries, a police report, hospital/medical records, insurance claims, and witness statements. Collect anything else you can think of that pertains to the incident, your injuries, and any financial payouts by you, others on your behalf, and/or your insurance company. 

Do not wait to contact a lawyer 

Personal injury victims do not get carte blanche to file a personal injury lawsuit whenever they want to. Each state has a statute of limitations in each state dictating how long you, as a victim, have to file. Many states have theirs around the two- or three-year mark, while others have less or more. For instance, Tennessee’s is only one year, while Maine and North Dakota are six years each. The sooner you start the process, the better it will be for ensuring everything gets done by your state’s deadline without rushing everything. 

Find a reputable and empathetic personal injury attorney

Finding a reputable and empathetic personal injury attorney is one of the best ways to get the compensation you deserve. Look for a lawyer with an excellent reputation specializing in personal injury cases, one known for helping clients and getting positive results. Being empathetic can help them better connect with anyone involved with the case/lawsuit, which can be an asset for acquiring adequate compensation. There are many websites, including checking out Google reviews, that can offer you client feedback detailing their own legal experiences with a particular attorney/firm. 

Schedule a consultation

Choosing a personal injury attorney and scheduling a consultation sooner rather than later can give you ample time to collect all the necessary information from the appropriate sources. When considering how stressful the personal injury legal process can be, getting the consultation done and over with can prevent the process from going longer than necessary. It can also allow the attorney to thoroughly explain the legal process to you, including what will likely happen going forward, the chances of receiving the compensation you desire, and approximately how long everything may take. 

Have a list of questions prepared

It can be easy to forget questions you want to ask the personal injury attorney before your consultation. Write down all your questions so you can get all the answers you need about their practice, potential compensation, or other matters about your legal process. Start making a list of things you want to learn more about as soon as you prepare for the legal process, and keep all your information in one place. 

Write down all the details

Man taking notes; image by StartupStockPhotos, via
Man taking notes; image by StartupStockPhotos, via

Writing down all the event’s details while they are still fresh can prevent you from forgetting many particulars, especially if your memory isn’t the best. Buy a notebook for this task and jot down every detail about the incident and what happened when you sought medical care; no point is too small. 

Every day after that, keep the details flowing. For example, write down if you do not feel well one day and have to go back to the hospital or if you have a medical or legal appointment. Attach any corresponding photos and copies (or possibly the originals, depending on what they are) of medical records and payments to the pages. When the time comes, you will have an entire record to hand over to your personal injury lawyer.

Do not exaggerate to get more money

It is worth mentioning how important it is not to exaggerate anything about your personal injury legal case. This includes the extent of your wounds and how much you have spent. Although pain is subjective, your injuries and treatments must be verifiable. You must also be able to back up any financial declarations fully. Trust that your case is worth adequate compensation without deception, and let your personal injury lawyer do their job to get you what you need and deserve. 

It might feel easier to procrastinate in dealing with the personal injury legal process because of the trauma you suffered. However, prolonging it could make it worse. Hiring an excellent personal injury attorney is necessary when you know you deserve compensation for what you have endured. So contact Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo for outstanding help navigating the legal process as a personal injury victim. 

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