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Corporate Bullying Doesn’t Fly Here – Outspoken Doctor Harassed

— November 6, 2015

Brigham & Women’s Hospital thinks its appropriate to bully those who speak out against dangerous medical devices and procedures. Guess what? I think it’s appropriate to point out this unacceptable behavior. This post contains a call to action from two doctors – one also a patient – asking for assistance. Please lend your voice.

This is a lengthy post, but I ask that you please read it and lend your support. Instructions on how you can help are at the end. I’ve spoken out against power morcellators, horrid medical devices used to grind up tissue for removal inside the patient. If the patient happens to have an undetected cancer, morcellation spreads the cancer throughout the abdominal cavity. The remainder of this post is a call to action from two doctors  – one also a patient. I’ll let them tell their story now, but I’m putting Brigham & Women’s Hospital on notice: corporate bullying doesn’t fly here.

Dear friends,

On 11/2/15, while we were at the Brigham and Women’s hospital for our friends and colleagues to help remove a cancerous tumor from Amy’s Lung, the corporate administration of the hospital moved to restrain me.

They had hired a professional corporate hit man (a “corporate security consultant”) by the name of Mr. Greg Foley to deem me, Hooman, a security threat to the safety of the Hospital empolyees, many of them our friends.

We went to court and a senior judge found these corporate men guilty of retaliating against us because of our campaign to secure women’s health and medical ethics in America. You can read about this here and watch the following News clip:…/NMRViSkancYCcJKsEZj…/story.html…

We have supported the Essure movement and now we need all of you to help us. Because a great injustice is happening. The Brigham and Women’s corporate leadership is moving to overturn the court’s decision.

If you agree with us and see what is happening, we ask that you help us by sending the following letter as an email to:

and please CC the letter to all the following parties:

This is a moment when you all can do something truly remarkable and see the power you have as a collective to do good and bring change.

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital is arguably the most powerful Hospital in the world – to give you an idea, The President nominated the Surgeon General of the United States to power based on the recommendation of this organization.

Here is the letter. Please send hundreds! Amy and I need your shield:

Professor Ron Walls and BWH corporate managers,

I am one of the thousands of women harmed by the Essure female sterilization coils.

I am writing you to express my true shock by your act of corporate intimidation, retaliation and constitutional violation directed at Drs. Hooman Noorchashm and Amy Reed while patients at your hospital on 11/2/15-11/4/15:…/NMRViSkancYCcJKsEZj…/story.html

The Essure harmed women are fully aware of the cover-up Harvard University’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital was engaged in with respect to the deadly harm caused to women by power morcellators.

We are also aware that many of the Partners Health affiliates and hospitals in MA are engaged in implantation of Essure coils and receive significant subsidy from the use of this dangerous medical device – from federal and private insurance funds.

We have followed and understand the struggle Drs. Noorchashm and Reed have been engaged in with your organization for nearly two years in defense of medical ethics, patient safety and women’s health.

We see their struggle as our own. And we see your retaliation as a retaliation against us.

Both Drs. Noorchashm and Reed have vocally joined our campaign and helped us catapult our public health campaign to the halls of the United States congress, specifically through congressman Mike Fitzpatrick of PA.

And we see your retaliation against them as a clear move against us, as women’s health advocates, against public health, and against medical ethics.

Many of us have met Drs. Noorchashm and Reed. We do not see them as capable of being a physical threat to anyone – rather it is the corporate misbehavior like yours that supports and promotes unethical products and services in women’s health (Such as the power morcellator and Essure coils) – these are the real threats to America’s public health – not doctors like Noorchashm and Reed.

It is my sincere hope that you reverse course and treat Drs. Noorchashm and Reed with the dignity and respect that is their due as citizens of the United States, doctors, public health advocates and people of reason and good faith.

[Your name]
[Your City and State]”

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