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Short Video Announcing E-Free Act

— November 6, 2015

While most of us know that Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick introduced the “E-Free Act” on Wednesday, there are some who may not have heard his speech. When passed, the E-Free Act will bring an end to Essure, Bayer’s “permanent” birth control device and allow injured women to take legal action.

On Wednesday, November 4 Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) announced the introduction of the “E-Free Act.” When passed, this bill will remove Bayer’s “permanent” birth control device, Essure, from the market and strip the company of its pre-emption status. Loss of this status means the tens of thousands of women who have been injured by this product will finally be able to take legal action. This short video announcing E-Free Act is for those who may have read the news, but not heard Rep. Fitzpatrick’s speech.


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