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Do These Important Things After Experiencing Roof Damage in Florida

— July 29, 2022

Even when a person does everything right, it is possible that their insurance claim will be denied.

Boynton Beach, FL – The weather and climate in Florida can be a problem for the roof of any home. There are heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other types of weather that can seriously damage a roof before it reaches the end of its life. Things like water damage inside the home after a storm can also implicate other types of claims, as the roof damage events rarely result in damage to the roof but nowhere else on the property. 

Homeowners essentially have only one way to get financial assistance after damage occurs, and that is by going through their insurance policy that covers the home. Because issues with insurance companies are fairly frequent, it may be necessary to get legal assistance with filing the claim, making sure it is approved, and appealing any denials. 

Documenting the damage and filing the insurance claim

After damage occurs, the homeowner should take pictures and document the incident and any associated losses. The insurance company can be notified as soon as realistically possible to start to process the claim. They may send out an adjuster to verify that the damage took place and the extent of the damage to the structure of the roof. Ideally, the insurance company will send out a claim check to the homeowner to help pay for the roof damage after this process is completed, and the repairs can be made. 

Insurance claim denials

Even when a person does everything right, it is possible that their insurance claim will be denied. Some companies have been known to engage in a practice called bad faith denials, where legitimate claims are rejected and homeowners never receive the money they deserve. It is also possible that things like delays and clerical errors can prevent a claim from being paid out. Some homeowners will simply give up and pay for the damage on their own if their insurance company is not helpful.

Claim denial letter; image by Jay W. Belle Isle.
Claim denial letter; image by Jay W. Belle Isle.

One of the only ways to solve this problem is to have an attorney review the policy and the claim, and then take legal action if it appears that the insurance provider is doing anything wrong. Insurance companies face lawsuits for these reasons all the time.  

Florida insurance lawyers

Shochet Law Group is available to help with the insurance claim process and other issues in the state of Florida. People who want legal advice can schedule a meeting with their lawyers. is a service that helps people find the right lawyer based on their location and needs. Anyone who needs to get in touch with a local attorney can call 800-672-3103 for a referral.

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