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Does CBD Help with Weight Loss?

— April 30, 2020

It is important that you do not rely completely on CBD and follow up with a good exercise and diet plan.

The weight loss market is huge with supplements, proteins, pills, and all types of products. Recently, CBD has joined the market and is attracting a lot of attention from consumers looking to lose weight.

CBD has gained a lot of popularity these days. It is one of the most talked-about substances, with many benefits for health. It helps with pain, anxiety, depression, boosts your immune system, and reduces inflammation; it’s a powerhouse of health benefits. Researchers have also shown it aids in diseases like Hepatitis A and B and other viral infections.

Which CBD to buy?

If you are new to the CBD market, the variety of products and choices could be overwhelming. It is important for you to take a step back and see what you actually want to buy. 

The accuracy of CBD labels from some of the most popular CBD companies can help you to understand CBD and its effects and choose what is best for you.

How does CBD work on your body?

To understand how you can use CBD for weight loss, you have to first understand what it actually does to your system? And how cannabinoids function.

Basically, how does the endocannabinoid system react with CBD?

There are receptors all over your body, but mostly in the brain and immune system. 

There are CB1 and CB2 receptors that react with the endocannabinoid system specifically.

The ECS becomes active when we consume CBD. There are already Cannabinoids present in your body and consuming CBD provides a boost to your system. The CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated with cannabinoids like CBD. Though it doesn’t react directly with these receptors, instead CBD works with the natural cannabinoids in your body and makes it active. This way the CBD provides great results and maintains balance in your body.

What the ECS does is send all these cannabinoids to different parts of the body that need them the most so it is better used. CBD does not contain THC, so it does not have a psychoactive effect, and you can have the benefits without the side effects.

CBD plant and capsules; image by, via
CBD plant and capsules; image by, via

How can CBD help with weight loss?

Curbs appetite – people who consume weed or marijuana for the high are often seen eating unhealthy food and feel hungry after the session.

THC makes you want to eat and binge on food after consuming it, which helps if you are trying to gain weight. If you are looking to lose weight, you might want to skip the THC compound and only stick to CBD. Unlike THC, CBD actually suppresses your appetite.

This all happens in the brain region of the hypothalamus, which regulates your appetite. This region reduces the secretion of hormones, Ghrelin and Leptin, which affect your appetite. Ghrelin indicates that you are hungry, leptin indicates that you are full. CBD can increase leptin levels making you feel fuller and keep hunger at bay.

Reduces bad fat – CBD is involved with a process called fat browning. It reduces white fat from the body and turns it into brown fat. Brown fat is the good fat that you hear about, which boosts your metabolism and aids in digestion.

Burns Calories – With the reduction of bad fat from your body, the fat cells go through a process called thermogenesis, which burns calories in the body.

How to consume CBD for weight loss?

How you consume CBD depends on your personal preference. You can consume it through vape, pills, oils, etc. 

A leaf report shows that CBD capsules and isolate are more effective for weight loss purposes. Capsules and isolates go through a metabolism test, which basically means that they are tested on how they work on your digestive system and how are they broken down by the system.

While consuming, you also have to learn about the particular dosage for you and how it helps the body. If you are new to this, it is recommended that you start with a small dosage and concentration. Analyze the effects it has on your body and then increase the dosage in small increments to see the effect.

CBD takes time to show effects so you have to be patient and wait for it.

Things to keep in mind during your weight loss journey:-

  • Do not rely completely on the CBD for weight loss.
  • Have a good workout regime. It charges your brain and will amplify your results.
  • Load up on healthy options like salads, sprouts, protein and have a balanced diet. Nothing can compensate for a healthy lifestyle.

With these benefits, you might want to include CBD in your weight loss program, yet, it is important that you do not rely completely on CBD and follow up with a good exercise and diet plan. Take a healthy approach for weight loss and CBD could be a sidekick to fuel it up.

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