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DWI and the Law in New Mexico

— May 9, 2023

Anyone who has been arrested for drunk driving should reach out to a lawyer right away to get help with their case.

In New Mexico, there are certain rules drivers must follow so they remain on the good side of the law. One very important regulation they must adhere to is that they cannot operate their vehicle while they are in any state of intoxication. Driving is already a difficult task that requires a lot of concentration. Anyone who is behind the wheel needs to make sure they are focusing properly so they are not caught off guard and so accidents can be prevented as much as possible. When drivers consume alcohol or other drugs this stunts their ability to think clearly, and it becomes very dangerous for them to try to drive when they are in such a disoriented physical and mental state. For this reason, strict laws have been put in place to prevent drivers from driving while they are intoxicated.

Motorists in New Mexico can connect with lawyers if they want to better understand what the law has to say about drunk driving. However, in a general sense, drivers who are over 21 years old are considered legally DWI if they have a BAC of 0.08%. The limit is not as liberal for younger individuals. Anyone who is under 21 years old and has a BAC of .04% or more can also be charged with DWI. In these cases, drivers will lose their license and have to face many other penalties if they do not have good Albuquerque DWI lawyers fighting on their side. New Mexico DWI lawyers will be the supporting pillar drivers need in this difficult time, so they are not taken advantage of in any way and their rights are seriously considered.

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If drivers do not have DUW lawyers on their side from the beginning, they can end up making serious mistakes regarding their case. For instance, they may refuse to give their BAC test. Though they have permission to accept or refuse, refusal will lead to immediate consequences such as the suspension of their license. DWI accident lawyers will also make it clear to drivers that having a high BAC is not the only way they can be charged with DWI. If they were visibly impaired and officers have reasons to believe they were drunk driving, then it is possible for them to be faced with the charge as well, regardless of how low their BAC was.

Why is Drinking and Driving so Dangerous in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

Drinking and driving is dangerous no matter where the driver does this. However, if they are driving on busy roads or the highway then the risks are greater and the chances of hurting more people or getting into an accident are significant. There is no safe amount of alcohol that a person can drink before getting into a car so anyone who knows they will be consuming it should make sure they find another ride home and that these accommodations are made well beforehand to mitigate the risk of DWI.

Anyone who has been arrested for drunk driving should reach out to a lawyer right away to get help with their case.

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