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Working with a DWI Lawyer Rochester NY is a Good Idea

— June 28, 2019

DWI is a serious charge. While it is possible to represent yourself in court, it is definitely not advisable.

Driving while intoxicated, more commonly known as DWI, is a crime in Rochester, New York. If ever you’re charged with a DWI case in a criminal court, you have the right to be represented by a private lawyer or a public defender provided by the court. Although you can also represent yourself in front of the court, here’s how a good lawyer can help you:

Present your case with an expert

An attorney with DWI case expertise will have in-depth knowledge of the standards, legal rules, local prosecutors, defenses, and options regarding your case in detail. An attorney can present your case in a more favorable manner to cut down the penalties, sentences, or to completely dismiss your charges. If you’re wondering where to find a reliable DWI attorney in Rochester, New York, then visit this website for more information.

Although a family lawyer can also draft pleadings for your case, they might not be up-to-date with the latest rules on sobriety checkpoints, breath tests, field sobriety tests, and blood draws. Thus, hiring an attorney without DWI law specialization can have negative effects on your case as it can affect the attorney’s ability to consciously or unconsciously identify issues within the case that can be used to minimize fines or to dismiss the case.

Additionally, a reliable lawyer will also help you with any license suspension hearings with the state motor vehicle bureau. They will be more persuasive and effective in presenting defenses that carry weight in front of the bureau.

Two women talking while holding drinks; image by Michael Discenza, via
Two women talking while holding drinks; image by Michael Discenza, via

Have the ability to negotiate

Negotiations are critical in any criminal case, especially in drunk driving cases. Hiring a lawyer with excellent negotiation skills will be your best chance to make things favorable for you, as they will be the one handling all the negotiations, using their experience, expertise, and knowledge.

Win a reduced plea

In some cases, it’s best to have a plea bargain, where you will plead guilty in exchange for lower-level charges. Here are some factors that can potentially create doubt with the justification of your arrest:

  • BAC or blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or lower
  • Vague results from the field sobriety test
  • Questionable accuracy of BAC test results

Local DWI attorneys will have in-depth knowledge of how the local prosecutor works and what arguments can be used to increase the chances of winning a reduced plea. Although you can also present a plea bargain by yourself, winning one will be more likely with the help of an experienced attorney.

Be prepared if it goes to trial

Representing yourself in a sentencing or plea bargaining can be hard, but it’s completely doable. However, if your case goes to trial, you’d definitely want a lawyer to present your case. Court trial procedures will be more complex than a plea bargaining agreement. The judge will expect you to follow and to adhere to all the procedures correctly, and will not give you a break for not recognizing them.

Let your lawyer handle the paperwork

Having a criminal case against you will require more than showing yourself up in courtrooms. You’ll be required to file a variety of complex paperwork. If these are not filed correctly, it will have adverse effects on your case. Seasoned defense attorneys deal with this kind of paperwork daily, and will have the knowledge and experience to handle all the paperwork needed for your case correctly.

Know what to expect

Being involved in a criminal case can be daunting and can quickly turn into a scary experience. It may seem overwhelming, but experienced DWI attorneys deal with these kinds of cases on a day-to-day basis. They will know what to expect in most situations and will keep you up-to-date with what’s likely to happen with your case. Knowing what to expect can make the whole experience less daunting.

Have someone on your side

If you’re accused of a crime, prosecutors will all be working against you. It’s their job to prove that you’re guilty and will want to see you punished. Thus, it will not be in your best interest to go up against these prosecutors by yourself. Hiring a DWI lawyer will give the benefit of having someone who always has your back, and someone who will do everything to get you the best outcome for your case.

Having all of these reasons in mind, hiring a good and reliable DWI lawyer will be one of the most important things you can do to prevent further implications. As with any criminal case, having yourself represented by someone with the right skill set and knowledge to provide an effective defense is critical to avoid the unnecessary risks and stresses of doing it by yourself. 

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