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FDA Announces Urgent Recall for Taco Products That Might be Contaminated with Listeria

— March 3, 2021

Earlier this week, the Food & Drug Administration announced a recall for certain taco products manufactured in St. Paul, Minnesota that might be contaminated with listeria. According to the notice, the products were distributed across the country and mostly include platters, trays, and dips. 

Recalled Taco Dip
Recalled Taco Dip; image courtesy of the FDA,

The potential contamination was first discovered when J&J Distributing was conducting routine testing “on its equipment and found that one utensil tested positive for listeria.” Fortunately, no illnesses have been reported. Unfortunately, many of the affected products were sold at numerous retailers, from California to New York and Michigan to Florida. Additionally, they were sold under many different brand names, including “Haug, Fresh Thyme, Tastebuds, Earthgrown, Caribou, and Kwik Trip.” 

According to the notice, the following products are included in the recall:

  • Haug Taco Tray 16oz
  • Haug Mini 7 Layer Dip Tray 22oz
  • Haug Taco Tray 16oz
  • Haug Taco Tray 29oz
  • Fresh Thyme Taco Dip 10oz
  • Tastebuds Layered Fiesta Taco Dip 9oz
  • Tastebuds Taco Platter 26oz
  • Tastebuds Taco Platter 15.8oz
  • Tastebuds Taco Dip 9oz
  • Earthgrown Mini Taco Dip
  • Caribou Turkey Sandwich 9oz
  • Kwik Trip Taco Dip 8oz
  • Kwik Trip Taco Dip 15.8oz

Consumers who have the recalled products should either throw them away or return them for a refund. If you have questions or concerns about the recall, contact J&J Distributing at 651-221-0560.


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