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Feeling Confined? 4 Tips to Quickly Expand Your Office Space

— September 12, 2019

If you’re running out of office space, these tips may help you regain that feeling of open spaces.

There comes a time in every brand’s lifespan when you simply need more space. Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth as a startup, or if you’re running an established company that is yet again going through another growth spurt, you need to act quickly in order to expand your office space, bring new talented employees to your ranks, and manage your growth successfully.

Fail to expand your workspace as your company’s needs are rising, and you will jeopardize your brand’s future as a whole. Some common signs include employees battling it out for workspace, there’s no more place to sit in the break room, people are working in the conference room, and the file cabinets are overflowing. If you’re experiencing these and other problems, here’s what you can do to make more space for your team members.

Break down a wall or two

Some changes to your office space should be physical, while others will be more psychological – helping to create the feeling of spaciousness. One of the physical changes you can make that won’t actually expand your office space, but rather make it look and feel more capacious, is to create an open-space floorplan by simply knocking down a wall or two.

There are many benefits to creating an open floorplan for your employees, including enhanced collaboration and transparency. But in this case, an open floorplan will make the workspace feel less cramped and crowded, and will allow employees to move more freely around the office. Use the new floorplan to improve maneuverability and flexibility around the office without actually building any extensions.

Declutter and move your file cabinets

Let’s take a look at another great improvement you can make to your office space that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – tidying up your filing system. Now, this can mean many things, from simply bringing in new file cabinets (which doesn’t really fix the root of the problem), all the way to migrating all of your files to the cloud. If long-term office sustainability is what you’re after, then you should strive to achieve the latter.

Large binders of files; image by Manu Schwenderer, via
Large binders of files; image by Manu Schwenderer, via

Just imagine all of the floorspace you could dedicate to making new workstations for your new team members if you didn’t have all of those file cabinets cluttering up the office? Firstly, be sure to settle on a cloud infrastructure where you can migrate your entire business. Next, educate your team members on how to utilize the cloud’s features, and how to store and handle digital files. And finally, wave goodbye as you watch the movers carry away your cumbersome file cabinets once and for all.

Build new office spaces quickly

Migrating to the cloud is great, and so is creating an open office, but these are just temporary solutions. There is no denying that what you really need is more actual space. You need new offices, new conference rooms, a bigger break room, the works. And there’s no better way to get all of it than to simply build new extensions to your office.

Now, conventional construction methods are costly and time-consuming, so be sure to find a contractor that uses modern materials such as quick set concrete in order to complete the project without wasting time or money. Likewise, make sure they’re using contemporary construction machinery and technology in order to avoid costly delays, and to build the new office space to your exact needs, liking, and specifications. After all, the better the new office, the better the productivity and employee happiness will be.

Rearrange the layout and optimize technology

In the new office space as well as the old one, you need to be careful how you position the individual workstations, how you arrange your tech, and how you optimize your layout in general. Instead of putting the desks and chairs wherever you see fit, have a professional office designer take a look at the space you’re working with.

This professional will help you discover the “hidden” areas of your office where you can make more room for your employees, and will advise you on the best types of furniture for your needs that will save precious office space and ensure comfort for your team members. Lastly, keep in mind that technology can be cumbersome at times, so optimize every rig according to the needs of the employee and their job – some employees might need a tower PC with dual monitors, while others might need just a laptop.

Wrapping up

If you’re doing everything right, then you can expect your office space to become quite crowded, quite quickly. This is good, it means that your brand is evolving and growing, but you need to provide the resources for optimal growth if you are to survive in the long run. Use these tips to quickly expand your office space and control your brand’s growth.

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