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Genius Fitness Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Weight Loss Goals

— November 22, 2021

Water intake can make or break your fitness success in more ways than one. Insufficient consumption of H2O will result in lethargy and exhaustion, and it will also make it more difficult to break down nutrients in your food.

Let’s face it: losing weight is tough regardless of age and fitness level, but it is essential if you want to have a body you are proud of. In the COVID and post-COVID era, it has become increasingly difficult for gym goers to stay on top of their fitness agenda, with more and more gyms closing or going online due to lockdown, but this does not mean that you need to forgo your quest to a sculpted physique. 

In case you are set on achieving your top shape by the end of the winter holiday season, here are a few genius tips that will help you shed weight faster and stay focused on your fitness goals.

Plan the fitness route

Before you whip out your trainers and tracksuit, it is highly recommended to lay out the fitness map so that you would have a better idea of where you are headed and how long the journey to your top shape would take. To stay on the right and reasonable track, establish your daily, weekly, and monthly weight loss goals and keep a record of your performance. This will come in handy on days when your workout motivation takes a dive as it will remind you of how far you have come from day one of your weight loss journey.

Stay active every day

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, the key word is consistency. For optimal and steady results you should aim to exercise every day, even if for just half an hour. That way, you will avoid the nasty yo-yo effect after you manage to go back to your regular diet and increase your calorie intake. To keep your workout routine diversified and inspiring, you could experiment with cross-training or by mixing up your routines across sports and fitness agendas. For instance, yoga works wonders paired with strength training, and so do swimming sessions and endurance workouts.

Ditch problem foods

Instead of testing your willpower around problem foods, you can make the weight loss journey easier by simply ditching your favorite junk food from the shopping list. The idea is to make the road to peak shape easier on both your nerves and your body, so this simple step will take you places faster and with less stress and risk in tow. After all, it is much easier not to have foodie temptations at hand than to force yourself not to think about them when they are but an arm’s reach away, so be your own best dietary friend and skip the junk food section the next time you go grocery shopping. 

Track your progress

Another key element on your fitness quest, progress tracking can be tricky unless you have the right tools at hand. To make the most out of your training agenda, you might want to consider using a reliable sports training app as your personal fitness compass that will show you whenever your workout performance takes a plunge or hits a plateau. Some fitness apps come with meal tracking features, which will also help you stay on top of your daily calorie intake while monitoring your performance at the same time. This neat feature will also come in handy when looking to modify diet plan and workout intensity and frequency, so make sure you arm yourself with the right tools for your weight loss agenda. 

Drink more water

U.S. Drinking Water is Contaminated with Toxins, Researchers Warn
Photo by Jana Sabeth on Unsplash

Water intake can make or break your fitness success in more ways than one. Insufficient consumption of H2O will result in lethargy and exhaustion, and it will also make it more difficult to break down nutrients in your food. On the other hand, increasing your water intake on a daily basis will help flush toxins from your body and it will also help with appetite control, which is a reason to consider stepping up your daily H2O consumption. After all, you can never get in too much water, so why not just try giving more H2O a go as you pursue your peak shape goals?

Winter holidays are a perfect time to give your diet and fitness a realistic evaluation and make necessary changes before the New Year. This year around, you can be your best fitness buddy by embracing a clean diet and increased water intake coupled with steady performance and realistic goal setting. Don’t let COVID19 or seasonal flimsiness get in the way of your top shape come spring. After all, life is too short to spend it in a body you are not proud of, so make the change and take your self-esteem to the top this year. You are welcome. 

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