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Why You Need More Exercise as an Entrepreneur (and 5 Creative Strategies for Getting It)

— March 6, 2020

Exercising, in general, is extremely beneficial for any person’s physical and mental health. Exercising as an entrepreneur is even more valuable because these benefits also correlate with your business.

As an entrepreneur, you’re capable of a great many things. You’ve done a lot in your life and there’s simply nothing you can’t do. Nothing except for exercise, right? When it comes to working out, you are always confident that your schedule doesn’t allow it. For someone whose job depends on time management and good organization, not having time to exercise is just an excuse. 

The hardest part about working out is actually starting to work out. This is why you’ll need a lot of motivation and good organizational skills to implement exercise into your daily routine. It isn’t impossible, but it will be hard to make it work in the beginning.

Luckily, as an entrepreneur, being up for the challenge is in your job description.

Why do you need more exercise?

1. It helps with stress

Stress is a modern disease that affects all of us. As an entrepreneur, you know this better than anyone. It’s true what they say about a lot of power coming with a lot of responsibility, but nobody tells you it comes with abnormal amounts of stress, too. If you don’t do anything about the fast-accumulating stress, it’s very likely you’ll burn out more quickly, have trouble maintaining a stable weight, and suffer extreme levels of frustration.

Exercise helps you put all of that negative energy into something productive. You’ll have a healthy outlet for all the anger, frustration, and anxiety. The stress levels will, therefore, become more manageable and you’ll have fewer headaches. As well as that, you won’t have to fear burning out or getting extremely frustrated over simple issues and mistakes. Let’s not forget that all the knots in your neck and shoulders will finally be gone.

2. It helps with stiffness

Getting your body moving is very important when you’re an entrepreneur who spends most of his or her time in an office. This statement becomes even more true if you spend a lot of time sitting down or repeating the same motion. Joint and muscle stiffness is a real thing and can cause a number of health issues. 

By exercising regularly, you’ll keep your muscles and joints healthy for a long time. Never again will you have to suffer aches or numbness. Even as you grow older, you won’t notice the stiffness as much because of regular exercise.

3. It gives you more energy

Exercise giving you more energy seems like a false statement until you actually think about it. At first, exercising regularly will make you more tired, but then the benefits will start to kick in. For starters, your brain will be producing more happy chemicals, giving you that exercise high we all know and love after working out.

One woman doing push-ups and another using battle ropes at the gym; image by Meghan Holmes, via
One woman doing push-ups and another using battle ropes at the gym; image by Meghan Holmes, via

Aside from that high keeping you from minding the fatigue, you’ll also be building your body’s endurance. Your body will now be used to higher levels of activity, thus making you less tired throughout the day. 

4. It gets your brain working

Sitting in the same position every day may induce stiffness of the muscles and joints, but it will also make your brain more “stiff”. In other words, you won’t be able to focus as much, you’ll be at a loss for creativity, and it will be hard to stay on top of your workload without exercise in your regime.

As exercise stimulates blood flow, your brain will receive more blood with fresh oxygen in it. This helps the brain function immensely and gets your creative juices flowing. Improved cognitive function also means that you won’t have trouble paying attention to the same task for a longer period of time.

5. It keeps you productive

As exercise gives you more energy, it also keeps you productive. Working as an entrepreneur can often be straining and lead to a decrease in production. If you introduce an exercise regime, you’ll break your straining routine and stay productive for the entire day. Any busy entrepreneur knows how much this means for their business.

Your work and your business won’t have to suffer any longer simply because you’re too tired. The best part is that you won’t be harming your mental or physical health in the process. You don’t have to fear burnouts when exercise helps your brain produce more happy hormones and keeps you focused.

How can you get more exercise?

1. Make every minute count

Being on a tight schedule means making every single minute count. Exercising should be expertly woven into your daily routine so that you never miss a beat, but regularly get your daily dose of exercise in instead. To wake up, don’t drink coffee. Instead, do a set of pushups and sit-ups and some light stretching to get the blood going and wake yourself up.

Use your lunch break to do some light cardio or strength exercises instead of just sitting around after you eat. This will open up your appetite and make you feel productive without mentally tiring you out. Any entrepreneur knows that’s the perfect combination to have a truly successful and productive day while staying sane.

2. Think outside the box

The most mundane tasks you do at the office can suddenly become really fun if you just change the way you approach them. Everything can be an exercise if you’re creative enough. No matter what type of work you’re doing, you can add some flare to it with the right workout.

For example, you can jog around the building if you need to move around a lot. Instead of using the elevator, always use the stairs. Before you start signing those papers or working on something new, do some squats or pushups. Making exercise fun is key to doing it regularly in and outside the workplace when you’re a busy entrepreneur. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even ask your employees to give you exercise challenges throughout the day. 

3. Think inside the box

Thinking inside the box means getting creative within your office means. If you’re an entrepreneur who spends a lot of time in the office, there’s no reason you can’t add the latest treadmill to your office quarters. This way, you’ll be able to get some cardio in and keep working for longer between your meetings. 

As well as that, you’ll easily be able to multitask. There’s no reason you can’t talk on the phone about your business to others and work out at the same time. If you want something lighter, you can buy a yoga mat and practise calming exercises that help you end the day stress-free.

4. Exercise on the go

Another way to keep exercise in your busy schedule is to do it on the go. So, instead of driving to the office or using public transport, use your bike. Cycling can do wonders for your health. Not only does it improve your strength and cardio, but it also helps you clear your head and stay stress-free. You can even cycle from meeting to meeting if you have to go out of the office frequently, thus keeping you active throughout the whole day.

The trouble with cycling is that it requires a lot of stamina, though. The better alternative to a conventional bike would be a high-quality electric bike because it will allow you to rest while still keeping you on track of your schedule. You’ll get to advance at your own pace, you’ll stay rested for your meetings, and you’ll be getting your daily exercise in all in one go.

5. Make it a challenge

If all else fails, you can always make it a challenge. There’s nothing that motivates a person more than a little competition, especially if they’re an ambitious entrepreneur such as yourself. You can find a lot of interesting workout challenges online that engage all of your muscles and strengthen your body while you’re just having fun.

When following exercise challenges, you have the option to do it with an exercise buddy. This way you’re upping the competition factor and motivating yourself further because you’re making it more personal, not just competing with others online. Another idea is to start an exercise challenge around the office and see who’s better and more devoted – you or your employees.


Exercising, in general, is extremely beneficial for any person’s physical and mental health. Exercising as an entrepreneur is even more valuable because these benefits also correlate with your business. The better and stronger you feel both physically and mentally, the better you’ll be able to run your business. Stay on top of your work, manage every little detail, and still have time for a personal life simply by implementing exercise into your routine in the most creative ways possible.

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