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ProMedica Doctor, Hospital Named in Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Suit Involving a Newborn

— March 6, 2020

A former ProMedica patient is suing the hospital and some of its staff over the wrongful death of her newborn son.

When most people visit their doctor or go to the hospital for a procedure, there is a certain expectation that they will be well cared for. One of the last things anyone thinks about is that their doctor or medical team will treat them negligently. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes, and when it does, it can have devastating results. Just ask Kaley Cocoran of Waterville. Cocoran recently decided to sue a ProMedica physician and several facilities over allegations that “staff failed to provide proper medical care, leading to the death of her newborn son.” The suit was filed in Lucas County Common Pleas Court against obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Dayna Mohammadione, ProMedica Toledo Hospital, ProMedica Physicians Obstetrics, and ProMedica Physician Group on January 29th.

Image of a Baby Holding a Finger
Baby Holding a Finger; image courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay,

According to the lawsuit, Cocoran and her unborn son were patients of Dr. Mohammadione and the hospital staff back on August 8, 2019. During her labor and delivery, the suit alleges Cocoran was not properly monitored. Additionally, the suit argues her son, Brady, “was not delivered in a timely manner, which ultimately led to a lack of oxygen and blood to the brain.” Tragically, the infant died on August 14.

As a result, Cocoran’s suit claims she and her family have suffered emotional trauma and incurred “approximately $10,000 worth of funeral expenses by the baby’s wrongful death.” As a result, Cocoran is seeking a monetary judgment of more than $25,000. One of her attorneys, Jean Sieler, filed a motion on February 19 requesting an “extension of time to respond to the civil complaint by March 30.” The request was granted by Judge Linda Jennings.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Dr. Mohammadione has been accused of medical malpractice. Back in January 2015, a couple from Toledo was awarded more than $10.9 million in damages after Jennifer Billups “suffered a stroke during her pregnancy after consulting with Dr. Mohammadione, who allegedly told her she didn’t need to go to the hospital.” Before the stroke, Mrs. Billups began developing abdominal pain and a headache when she was 26 weeks pregnant in March 2012. She contacted Maumee OB/GYN and spoke with the on-call doctor, Dr. Mohammadione.

Though he was not her primary obstetrician, he told her her symptoms were “likely caused by a gastric condition and that she did not need to come to the hospital. The next day, Mrs. Billups suffered a stroke at home.” Though her baby was born alive and well by emergency c-section, Mrs. Billups “suffered permanent physical, cognitive, and emotional injuries,” according to Tony Turley, the family’s attorney.


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