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Georgia Car Accident Law: A Comprehensive Guide for Atlanta Drivers

— January 4, 2024

If you get in an accident while driving on the streets of Atlanta, there are certain steps that can be taken in the aftermath.

A total of 2,617 drivers in Georgia were involved in fatal accidents in 2021. Some of the drivers survived the crash, whereas others caused injury or death to other people. The problem is that these fatalities seem to increase every year, as drivers are becoming more reckless.

In case of an accident, the Georgia car accident law is there to help guide those involved through the post-accident steps. Not only does it determine the victim’s rights, but also ensures they hold responsibility. This article can keep you informed so you know what to do after an accident.

The Basics of Georgia Car Accidents

The law where car accidents in Georgia are involved is very large, with different sections and subsections that you need to keep in mind. That being said, there are some basic aspects that you need to keep in mind as an Atlanta driver, which may include: 

  • Insurance

Every driver in Atlanta, Georgia, needs at least a minimum insurance coverage. The minimums are $25,000 per accident for personal injury, $25,000 per accident for damage to the property, and $50,000 for the accident as a whole where someone was injured. 

  • Damage Compensation

Georgia car accident law allows victims to look for compensation of both economic and non-economic nature. In terms of economic compensation, this can include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, or anything else that caused the victim to lose money after the accident. The non-economic type deals with the suffering they had to endure, be it emotional or physical, emotional distress, or trauma.

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  • Liability 

Georgia is labeled a “fault” state. This means that the driver who caused the accident and holds the fault is responsible for paying any damages. If the fault is shared, both drivers will pay based on the amount of “fault” they hold. For instance, if you are driving a truck in Atlanta and get into an accident that is partly your fault, you may need an Atlanta truck accident attorney to get away with as little liability as possible.

  • Court Process 

Now and again, if the fault cannot be determined from the very beginning, the case may go to court. In this case, both parties can go either to the superior or state court, depending on the complexity of the accident. The procedure usually involves a pre-trial, discovery, and lastly, the actual trial.

What to Do After a Car Accident 

If you get in an accident while driving on the streets of Atlanta, there are certain steps that can be taken in the aftermath. Indeed, this will depend on your condition of the accident. However, if you can get through these steps, you may be able to protect your rights and receive appropriate compensation. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Check for Injuries

The first thing that you need to do is to determine whether you have any injuries or not. If you have passengers in your car, you should check them for injuries as well. 

  • Exchange Contact Information

In most cases, the fault is clear the moment the accident occurs. For instance, you may have stopped at a red light and the car behind you didn’t pay attention, bumping into your car. Whether you were at fault or not, you have to exchange details such as insurance information so that you can report the accident. They will take over the finances once the fault has been determined.

  • Gather Evidence

If possible, try not to move your car from the accident spot until you gather enough evidence. Take photos of the scene such as the state of your car, its position, the condition of the road, and more. If there are any witnesses, try to get some statements from them before they leave. Depending on your location and the severity of the accident, it may take some time for the police to arrive, so the only way to receive justice is to handle this part yourself.

  • Seek Medical Attention

After a car accident, you should seek medical attention even if you don’t feel any pain. Very often, the adrenaline hides your injuries, making you feel like you’re fine. However, once it wears off, you’ll start feeling the effect. If you already stated to the police that you are not injured, it may not help your case much.

The Bottom Line

The law in Atlanta is there to help drivers, but only if you are thorough. Make sure that you know your rights and that you follow the appropriate steps to get your compensation.

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