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Got a Lemon Car? Essential Things to Consider

— February 23, 2021

Usually, a lemon car refers to a vehicle with irreparable defects that hamper its functioning or expectations.

The government has made laws to secure the interest of the consumers against defective products and frauds. If you bought a new car that turned out to be defective, you could seek lemon laws for justice. Under this, you can either receive a new vehicle or refund, provided your newly purchased vehicle has serious mechanical glitches or defects. But before this, the manufacturing company or auto dealer gets a chance to fix your car. Here are some more insights on this to help you get a basic idea to know what step you need to take in this kind of situation.

Defining lemon

Mechanic working on a vehicle; image courtesy of RyanMcGuire,

Lemon laws can vary from one state to another. Hence, it is easy to assume that every place will have its definition of a lemon. Usually, a lemon car refers to a vehicle with irreparable defects that hamper its functioning or expectations. Car dealers or manufacturers will try to fix the fault before the lemon laws become active. However, the reasonable number of repairing attempts they get may also differ from one state to another. The opportunities to fix a problem also depend on the nature of the defect.

Needing help with the lemon law

Suppose you recently bought a car and feel that it is a lemon or the dealer deceived you at the purchase time. It would be best if you immediately got in touch with a recognized auto dealer fraud or lemon law attorney, such as Goodman Lemon Law. As a consumer, you get legal protection against the vehicle’s condition and the methods used during the buying process. With an experienced lawyer, you can exercise your rights to a great extent. So, look for a professional and specialized lawyer if you don’t want to put up with the loss incurred without your fault.

Things to expect from a lemon law attorney

When you meet a lawyer first time, they ask you different questions to get all the information for proper evaluation of the situation. Based on the analysis, they suggest options and guide you about what to expect. If you both decide to file a lawsuit for the fraud, the latter will represent your case in court with evidence of a car’s purchase. They will go deeper into all the legalities and talk to witnesses. Negotiation with the car dealer and defendant’s counsel will also be part and parcel of this to protect your legal rights. 

To be precise, lemon law has many aspects like any other legal matter. Only a qualified lawyer can pinpoint what to do and what to avoid. Hence, if you face any bitter experience with your car purchase, you should educate yourself about your rights as a consumer and consult a local attorney. Their years of experience, subject-matter knowledge, and expertise can help you find a resolution. Whether you get a new car, a refund, or something else, it will all depend on the strength of your case. So make sure you share all the necessary details with your attorney to keep him or her thorough about your situation.

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