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Hampton & King Wins Large Settlement in Delivery Nurse Negligence Case

— December 14, 2018

Alleged improper use of the delivery drug Pitocin left an infant with irreversible brain damage. Lawyers for the family settled with the hospital, ensuring that there will be adequate funds to cover future medical care.

Hampton & King’s medical malpractice and negligence team secured a large settlement for a family whose baby was born with irreversible brain damage due to alleged delivery nurse negligence. The settlement is sufficient enough to enable the family to take care of the child for the rest of his life.

During the delivery, nurses allegedly failed following the hospital protocol on giving the patient Pitocin – a drug used to augment labor.

The hospital’s Pitocin policy simplifies the delivery and makes fetal injury impossible. Nurses are provided with a checklist that is to be completed before the administration of Pitocin and after. The aim of the policy is to ensure the correct administration of the drug that may otherwise cause excessive uterine contractions.

Out of focus shot of man in scrubs performing medical procedure; image by Marlon Lara, via
Out of focus shot of man in scrubs performing medical procedure; image by Marlon Lara, via

In the specific situation, the nurses did not follow the hospital protocol, Hampton & King alleged. The law firm posited that this resulted in excessive uterine contractions that contributed to fetal distress, which is why the baby was born with brain damage.

Pitocin is a synthetic branded version of oxytocin – a hormone that induces labor in the female body. Its use is recommended in the case of pregnancies that last for more than 41 weeks and high blood pressure at full term. At the same time, the synthetic version of the hormone is highly potent. It makes the delivery process faster and much more forceful.

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