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Hani Zeini on Coronavirus’ Impact on Faster Digitalization of Workplaces

— September 1, 2020

Now is the time for business leaders to start planning for post-pandemic recovery by limiting the business’s damage.

Companies across the globe have experienced severe disruption in their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have now accepted the reality and are reviewing their strategies to overcome the crisis. This pandemic and the lockdowns have had unprecedented impacts on our professional and personal lives. Companies have understood that those who can use technology well and take to the faster digital transformation of the business processes will survive the crisis and stay ahead of their competition. This has compelled companies to review their business strategies. Digital transformation initiatives have been the priority of most business leaders in order to run their businesses smoothly during the pandemic and prepare to turn things around during the recovery phase. However, navigating through the chaos and driving the change during these unprecedented times is challenging for both business leaders and workers, feels Hani Zeini.

The pandemic is a wake-up call for businesses, observes Hani Zeini

Digital transformation has been a popular agenda for business leaders for years and in most cases, the approach was experimental, with companies ready to accept failure and try it out again sometime in the future as priorities kept shifting. COVID-19 has changed everything. Companies have now realized that technological transformation is no longer a choice, but a necessity to keep their businesses running. 

In the unstable situation that we are experiencing, the only way to deliver the best customer service is by balancing organizational needs and ensuring employees are equipped with the right strategies and tools. It will help us to adapt to situations that will emerge from the new normal that awaits us after the pandemic.

Why companies are pushing their digital transformation programs will become clear while going through this article.

Improving employee collaboration amid the pandemic outbreak

Working from home is one of the new normals that will continue after the pandemic is over. Companies have accepted this fact and are ready to support remote working in the days to come, regardless of the pandemic’s status. The distancing of workers from the workplace as they stay physically separated for a considerable time has completely changed the dynamics of teamwork and how employees collaborate. Although the impact triggered by restrictive measures like lockdowns, travel restrictions, closure of educational institutions, and quarantine is great, many companies have now realized the usefulness of technology to adjust to the constantly changing situation.

Person using digital interface with multiple icons; image via
Person using digital interface with multiple icons; image via

To ensure better teamwork and employee collaboration, companies are encouraging cross-functional collaboration during the pandemic to keep the workforce well-connected through improved communication. With the right tools in place, great collaboration increases productivity and improves efficiency.

Ensuring the right flow of information

During these difficult times, the greatest emphasis must be on improved communication to ensure that important information reaches the right employees in the right way and at the right time. Communication within the organization must be easy to comprehend. Streamlining the communication system should help to avoid an overload of information that is confusing or irrelevant and could potentially lead to employees missing the vital points. Improving internal communication is the most crucial goal in digital transformation.

Maintaining productivity

Many companies acted promptly in order to protect employee health and adopted the work-from-home model quite early by anticipating the worst while preparing for the long haul. Having achieved the primary goal, businesses are now looking to maintain employee productivity while working from home during the pandemic. Employers are now introducing new solutions to boost employee productivity by augmenting the work processes and reinforcing it with better technology. Companies are currently searching for technological solutions that can ensure consistent business performance and motivate employees to perform better, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Enabling leaders for success

Managing people from afar requires special skills. Business leaders and managers must use their leadership skills to hold the flock together and keep them motivated, helping to improve business resilience and achieving business growth. Management must assist employees in making decisions about their health and well-being during the pandemic in a way that keeps morale high. It would showcase how effectively the leaders are driving the company through the crisis.

Planning for business continuity

Now is the time for business leaders to start planning for post-pandemic recovery by limiting the business’s damage. They must now set aside their obsession for paying too much attention to the daily operational needs and concentrate on fast-tracking their digital transformation initiatives. This should help mitigate the impact of the outbreak and maintain smooth operations through this time and the future.

Keeping digital channels open will provide more options to maintain business continuity. 

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