Essure Surgical Images (graphic)

Sometimes, people don’t get it when you try to explain a problem with statistics and words. Sometimes, they need to see pictures. Well, Bayer/FDA/doctors who think Essure is safe and the victims’ problems are “all in their heads,” here are some graphic Essure surgical images for you. Convinced now?

Is Your Hospital Killing You?

Inappropriate antibiotic use has been an issue in healthcare settings for the last several years. The fact is, such use has created a new group of “superbugs” for which there are no effective treatments. Hospital stays expose vulnerable patients to the new bugs every hour. According to the CDC, almost 650,000 patients per year are infected. Of that number, an estimated 75,000 actually die. That’s twice as many deaths as those caused by car accidents.

UPDATE: Fitzpatrick’s E-Free Act Would Take Essure Off the Market

Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is planning to introduce the E-Free Act to Congress on November 4, 2015. This bipartisan bill would ban the dangerous Bayer product Essure from the market. Essure has caused thousands of women intense suffering despited continuous assurances from Bayer that the product is safe. While the FDA had a hearing to discuss that issue in September, no Essure victims were allowed to speak. Representatives from the advocacy groups, Essure Problems, are in Washington D.C. this week meeting with Congress to share their stories and lend support to Fitzpatrick’s bill.

Essure Causes Debilitating Skin Conditions

Essure causes debilitating skin conditions. Tamara Pimentel shares her story of the painful, bleeding rashes she suffered for 3.5 years before realizing that the nickel in her Essure implants was the cause. Upon removal of the Essure coils, Tamara’s rash soon cleared.

Essure Placement Rate Failure

Essure “permanent” birth control has an unacceptably high rate of placement failure, even when done by those with experience. Yet, the product was approved and this information was buried. Improper placement can result in organ perforation, among other things, and require surgery to remove the device.

Praxbind is the Pradaxa Antidote

The FDA granted fast track approval to Boeheringer’s latest drug offering, Praxbind. This new drug is the long-awaited antidote to new gen anticoagulant, Pradaxa. Preliminary clinical trials suggest an 89% efficacy rate within four hours of IV administration. This could be a life-saving tool for medical providers caring for patients on Pradaxa, a drug known for its high risk of uncontrollable and even fatal belleding events.

Why Suing Big Pharma Isn’t Changing Anything

Despite hundreds of lawsuits and mind-bogglingly huge settlements, Big Pharma doesn’t seem inclined to clean up its act and produce drugs that are actually safe. None of the current activities seem to matter to the industry. Here’s a look at why suing Big Pharma isn’t changing anything.