DOJ Subpoenas Allergan as Generics Antitrust Probe Widens

In the wake of a buying and selling frenzy, Irish drugmaker Allergan has been subpoenaed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) over antitrust concerns regarding the pricing of its generic drugs. Last week, the company announced a $40.5 billion selloff of its generics unit to the global generic market leader, Israeli-based Teva Pharmaceuticals. That deal

In Memoriam: Labor Health Crusader Dr. Donald L. Rasmussen

The New York Times paid tribute yesterday to a man whose death nearly went unnoticed in a national sense, but whose life needs to be celebrated. Dr. Donald L. Rasmussen died on July 23rd in Beckley, West Virginia at the age of 87. According to his stepdaughter, Julia Holliday, Dr. Rasmussen died from complications following

Medicare Turns 50 as the NOTICE Act awaits President Obama’s Signature

7/31/2015 The U.S.’s fundamental national healthcare program Medicare, as well as Medicaid officially turned 50 years-old on Thursday. President Lyndon Johnson signed an amendment to the Social Security Act which set the programs into law on July 30th, 1965. Medicare, the landmark program for seniors, now enrolls 55.2 million Americans. While a recent Kaiser Family

Will Medtronic’s MiniMed 640 Pump Glitch affect its PMA Status?

7/29/2015 Minnesota-based device giant Medtronic has issued letters to nearly 2,000 owners of the MiniMed 640 and 620 insulin pumps in Europe, warning them of a potential glitch in the reading mechanism. According to the letter, there is an error with the Bolus Wizard screen, causing it to not time-out and instead giving an outdated

Teva Inks $40.5 Billion Deal to Acquire Allergan’s Generics Unit

7/28/2015 The global pharmaceutical landscape was significantly altered on Monday as Israeli drugmaker Teva announced that it will purchase the generic drug business of Dublin-based Allergan. The move will put a stranglehold on Teva’s top sales position in the generic drug market, acquiring its third-largest competitor. Teva will purchase the generics unit for $40.5 billion,

FDA Proposes Detailed Added Sugar Guides on Food Labels

7/27/2015 In a move opposed by many food and drink manufacturers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a proposal on Friday to requiring the industry to include detailed added sugar consumption levels in their products. The proposal is an update to the FDA’s 2014 proposed mandate requiring companies to list the amount of added

Cipro May Cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome

7/27/2015 Yet another drug has been linked to the painful and sometimes fatal skin condition Stevens Johnson Syndrome. This time, it’s the fluoroquinolone family, also known as quinolones. These are some of the most prescribed antibiotics in the country and the star of the group is on the hot seat. Cipro may cause Stevens Johnson

First Morcellator Cancer Suit Settled

7/26/2015 Morcellator. It’s a world that leaves a funny (as in “Eeww!”) feeling in your mouth. That’s nothing compared to what the medical instrument leaves in your body. Morcellation (shudders) can spread previously undiagnosed malignant cancer cells throughout the patients’ pelvic and abdominal cavities, which shortens the patients’ life expectancy. The first morecellator cancer suit