Burdensome Fees Limit Patient Access To Medical Records

New findings suggest that copy fees can greatly limit patient access to their medical records. Patients in the US are supposed to be able to easily obtain electronic copies of their medical records, but steep fees make that difficult for many across the nation. So why are there fees in the first place if patients are supposed to be allowed easy access to their records? Well, according to Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, last year new federal guidelines were issued allowing healthcare providers to “charge fees for labor, costs of creating electronic or paper copies of records and postage.”

Common Myths of Obamacare Reform

Even before Donald Trump was elected our nation’s new president, Republicans were calling for a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare. However, many wonder what kind of plans Republicans have for a replacement. According to President Trump, he wants “insurance for everybody” that “lowers costs and deductibles.” That sounds nice, but how will it be accomplished? After all, Tim Michling, an analyst for the Citizens Research Council of Michigan summed it up nicely when he said, “healthcare is complex and requires trade-offs in terms of how best to use limited resources. It’s time to make some tough decisions.” However, there are many misconceptions about healthcare reform floating around out there that should be addressed before anyone makes any concrete plans for Obamacare reform.

Big Pharma Thinks Ad Campaign Makes Drug Prices Palatable

Now that the post-inauguration dust has mostly settled, the new Commander-in-Chief is setting about the task of fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again.” One of his targets is Big Pharma and the industry’s fondness for jacking drug prices so high you almost need the Hubble telescope to see them. Of course, the industry is not about to take this without fighting back. Even Martin Shkreli, Big Pharma’s former bad boy, has some things to say about it (and not what you’d expect). I’m glad I’m sitting down to write this because I’m about to say something I never imagined: I agree with both of these gentlemen, Trump and Shkreli, on this issue.

Tom Price for HHS? The Price Is Wrong!

Tom Price, Trump’s pick to lead Health and Human Services, has an ethically questionable investment and legislative history. Just days after purchasing stock in Zimmer Biomet, for example, he turned around and introduced legislation that would significantly benefit this manufacturer of artificial joint replacements by delaying implementation of a Medicare rule to enhance safety and save taxpayer money. Now Trump wants him to lead the department that regulates companies like Zimmer Biomet as well as overseeing Medicare. Our elders deserve better than this.

Pyrrhic Victory for Johnson & Johnson

A Dallas judge’s ruling resulted in a pyrrhic victory for Johnson & Johnson. The latest and possibly last chapter in a long-lasting court case came to a close at the beginning of January. For two years, Johnson & Johnson had been fighting six plaintiffs’ accusations of negligence. At the forefront of the drama was a

Can Your Heart Device Be Hacked?

Heart device users beware. The Homeland Security Department and FDA recently issued warnings about a cybersecurity flaw in one of St. Jude’s medical devices, an implantable heart device. The warning was issued upon discovering that hackers could potentially “take control of a person’s defibrillator or pacemaker” remotely. As if that’s not bad enough, this flaw

Economics and the Price of Health Care

How much of the price of health care is really what health care costs? That seems like a silly question, but it’s worth asking since it determines how much you end up paying. With medical costs rising, learning how prices are determined is the first step in keeping care affordable. The price of health care,