HHS Reports identify Rampant Medicare Part D Fraud

6/24/2015 Two reports released on Tuesday highlight the persistence of Medicare fraud, especially involving the Part D prescription drug program. The reports follow the largest Healthcare Fraud takedown in history last week, as officials charged 46 doctors and pharmacy owners, as well as nearly 200 others for Medicare fraud. This includes the arrest of 44

This is not a Punchline: TSCA Reform is likely on the Horizon

6/24/2015 For the first time in nearly 40 years, significant reforms to the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) may finally take place as the House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday by a 398-1 vote on HR 2576, offering major changes to the law. The passage comes as a Senate panel advanced another

Salads Can Kill You

6/18/2015 All of you burger-lovin’, BBQ-eatin’, heath-food scorning carnivores may just have been vindicated. A new study shows that eating salads can kill you! OK, maybe not totally vindicated. The study states that one of the main reasons people toss food in the garbage is fear of food poisoning. It turns out, that’s a justifiable

House Will Vote to Repeal Key Obamacare Measures

6/18/2015 The House of Representatives will vote Thursday to repeal two controversial provisions to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. Amidst a considerable degree of bipartisan support, Ways and Means Committee chairman, Paul Ryan (R-WI) successfully advanced measures to a vote earlier this month to cut the unpopular 2.3 percent tax on

Another Lipitor Suit Claiming Type-2 Diabetes Side Effect

6/18/2015 Georgia residents Mary and Collin S filed another Lipitor suit claiming type-2 diabetes side effect. Their suit was added to the national Lipitor type-2 diabetes multidistrict litigation (aka, Lipitor MDL). Their claim, like so many others’, is that Mary, age 68, developed type-2 diabetes as a result of taking Pfizer’s Lipitor high cholesterol drug.

Xarelto Suit Claims Side Effects Cause Serious Injuries

6/17/2015 What do a racecar driver, a comedian and a professional golfer have in common? They’re taking Xarelto, or playing Russian roulette, as I like to call it. A new Xarelto suit claims side effects cause serious injuries. Janssen Research & Development has been sued in federal court for failing to warn of the risks.

Top-Tier Health Insurers are Rushing to Merge

6/16/2015 It appears that the wave of high-level consolidations in the business world has now carried over to the nation’s top health insurers. United Healthcare, by far the industry leader, has approached Aetna, the U.S.’s third-largest health insurer, this week in early discussions of a merger. Anthem, the country’s second-leading health plan provider has also

Propecia – You Too Can Be Hairy But Impotent

6/15/2015 A New Yorker named Todd P (another instance of locker room embarrassment) filed suit against Merck & Co. this May after he used Propecia (finasteride) to cure his male pattern baldness and developed erectile dysfunction (ED). There’s a marketing slogan if ever I’ve heard one: Propecia – You too can be hairy but impotent.

Hacked Medical Pumps Could Kill You

  6/11/2015 Billy Rios, a security expert conducting research on medical devices manufactured by Hospira, found deadly serious security flaws in drug delivery pumps. In short: hacked medical pumps could kill you. Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of Hospira pumps in hospitals throughout the U.S. I wrote a piece last month regarding an FDA