Woman Sues Over Surgical Device Left in Her Body

After what was supposed to be a routine gynecological procedure, a California woman realized it would wind up being anything but. Michelle Doig-Collins visited her OB/GYN in April 2016 for a uterine ablation and tubal ligation; the mother of three had been experiencing prolonged bleeding during her menstrual cycle, which left her in a great

Essure Removal Information – Please Share!

The following is a direct re-print (with permission) from the Essure Problems website. Yes, it is a long post. However, it is vital information for any woman considering removal surgery. This blog has reached E-Sisters who were not aware of the website or the Facebook group, therefore, I wanted to publish this piece. I thank Angie Firmalino, one of the website’s administrator’s for permission to do so. If you have Essure and are experiencing problems this Essure removal information is important to have.

Do Expert Doctor Witnesses in Malpractice Lawsuits Help?

Not according to Dr. Lars Aanning! In an article that he wrote was printed in The Yankton County Observer, and that was reprinted in the ProPublica Patient Safety Facebook group, he admitted that he had lied under oath on a witness stand to protect a colleague accused of medical malpractice.  Aanning is now 77 years

Visiting Nurse Service of New York Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed

The former vice president of operations improvement and integration, Edward Lacey, filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Visiting Nurse Service of New York, VNSNY. Lacey left the employment of the agency in January 2016. That agency has played a key role in Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, administrations overhaul of the state’s Medicaid program. The

Representative Mike Fitzpatrick Asked Congress for Medical Device Safety Hearing

On Friday, September 23, Representative Mike Fitzpatrick asked Congress for medical device hearing with the goal of updating safety laws governing such devices. Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-PA) asked the Committee on Energy and Commerce to hold hearings examining the negative effects of “unsafe medical devices on patients and the failings of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

Outrage over EpiPen Price Hike Continues

Poor Heather Bresch. She just can’t seem to escape the public’s continued outrage over her decision as Mylan’s Big Pharma CEO to increase the price of the life-saving EpiPen in order to line her already custom couture pockets. On Wednesday, September 21, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called Ms. Bresch to testify

Long Island Veterans Hospital is an Example of VA Failure

The failure of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA, to regulate its health division has stayed in the news, yet nothing seems to be done about it. The latest example, Long Island Veterans Hospital, of that failure was reported by the New York Times on September 19, 2016. The Northport VA Medical Center, located

Powerful Antibiotic Use is on the Rise in U.S. Hospitals

The Centers for Disease Control, CDC, conducted a study that found powerful antibiotic use is on the rise in U.S. hospitals. The antibiotics in question are potent drugs designed to treat bacterial infections. They have historically been used after other treatment options have failed. The study was instituted as a result of the increasing incidents