Physician Recognized Patient’s Allergy to Essure Device

Today’s video is a double-edged sword. One edge of that blade, sadly, cuts through women’s flesh. However, the other edge cuts through the lies Bayer and the FDA are telling about the “permanent” birth control product, Essure. I’ll save the best for last, but the preview is that this physician recognized patient’s allergy to Essure.

Real Men Get Snipped: Vasectomy is Safer Alternative to Essure

Dr. Bill Maniatis explains the difference between vasectomy, tubal ligation and Essure in this short video. Honestly guys, it’s short because this is a pretty simple comparison. Don’t hand me some load of crap about your “manhood.” I have the same equipment dangling away down there and my self-worth is not tied up in my sperm count. “But it’s a shot! In the balls! Dude, are you nuts?!” (pun intended)

Daraprim for a Dollar

In a move that frankly gives me pause to wonder if there could actually be a drug company with a heart, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals in San Diego recently announced its intent to sell its version of Daraprim. The price? One dollar per pill for everyone.

Essure Investigation Uncovered

This video is just over one year old. It’s a newscast in which the reporter shares information obtained in her investigation of Bayer’s Essure. However, that is not the investigation referred to in this post’s title. The Essure investigation uncovered is actually an FDA investigation of Essure’s original manufacturer, Conceptus. Bayer purchased Essure from Conceptus for $1.1B.

Essure Reality

This video is a perfect example of what over 24,000 women are experiencing because of Bayer’s “permanent” birth control device, Essure. I understand many women have had success with this product however, it is naive of Bayer and the FDA to chalk up these adverse reactions to something else. The only common denominator is Essure. Warning: there are graphic images in this video. But, you know what, this is Essure reality.

FDA Says to Expect New Essure Guidance by February 2016

The FDA announced that it expects to release new guidance regarding the Essure “permanent” birth control device by the end of February 2016. The agency wants to conduct an evidence-based analysis of Bayer’s product before making its recommendations. We live in hope that the evidence is not just more garbage provided by Bayer.

Happy Turing Thanksgiving as Daraprim’s Price Cut 50%

Turing Pharmaceuticals is lowering the price of the important toxoplasmosis drug, Daraprim, by 50%. This is a cause for thanksgiving, as Martin Shkreli, the company’s CEO, raised the per pill price from $13.50 to $750.00 when Turing bought the rights to the drug. It will now cost $375.00 per pill. The price could still be better, but it is Thanksgiving, so we know to expect a turkey and Martin Shkreli doesn’t disappoint.