The Decay of our Dental Care System

In 2007, 12-year-old Deamonte Driver died from a preventable brain infection. The Maryland youth suffered from a tooth infection that spread to his brain after his family, who had difficulty finding a dentist who would take Medicaid before their coverage lapsed, was unable to afford dental care. After Deamonte’s death, then-Maryland governor Martin O’Malley introduced

FDA Enacted a Rule Banning the Sale of Some Antibacterial Soaps

On September 2, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, enacted a final rule banning the sale of some antibacterial soaps. The ban includes liquid and bar soaps containing, among other active chemicals, the most commonly used triclosan and triclocarban. The manufacturers could not prove that the antibacterial soaps were any more effective than regular

Another Day, Another Big Pharma Bully

In yet another unsurprising case of Big Pharma trying to control the fate of millions of Americans’ health, Insys Therapeutics has donated $500,000 to an anti-legalization of marijuana campaign in Arizona known as Proposition 205. Pro-legalization advocates view the half million dollar donation as a further attempt to line the pockets of powerful drug corporations

DEA Proposes Rule to Classify Kratom as Schedule I Drug

The Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, published a notice on August 31, 2016, of its intent to temporarily schedule Kratom as a Schedule I drug. According to the DEA, the measure is needed to “avoid imminent hazard to public safety”. Schedule I includes    heroin and other dangerous drugs. That rule is scheduled to become effective September

Dallas Pharmacist Kumi Frimpong Pleads Guilty in Pill Mill Operation

In January, 2016, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Texas issued a press release announcing that arrests had been made in what was dubbed as the “Dallas Pill Mill”. U.S. Attorney John Parker stated that the arrests were in relation to a conspiracy to illegally distribute controlled substances. The drugs involved included

Marijuana Health Benefits Controversy

According to the Seattle Times, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has decided to keep marijuana and its derivatives classified as a Schedule 1 drug. That class of drugs includes heroin and other dangerous drugs that have no medical value. That ruling caused the marijuana health benefits controversy to rage on! That decision flies in the

St. Jude Medical Filed a Lawsuit Against MedSec and Muddy Waters

According to its September 7, 2016, press release, St. Jude Medical filed a lawsuit against MedSec and Muddy Waters Consulting, MedSec Holdings, Muddy Waters Capital, and three principals in those firms. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Minnesota. St. Jude Medical’s, SJM, allegations include “false statements, false advertising, conspiracy and the

HPV Vaccine Success Should Be Expanded

It’s been a decade since the first HPV vaccine was administered in Australia on August 29, 2006. While the vaccine has been surrounded by some amount of controversy, ten years is enough distance from which to look back and take stock of the results. Happily, there’s good news to report! Since that day in 2006,

EpiPen Increase Based in Greed, Not Need

With the price increase of the live-saving EpiPen from $100 per two-pack to over $600 per two-pack last week (conveniently in August when most parents who have children with allergies are set to purchase their necessary supplies of the drug before school starts), the company responsible for the hike, Mylan Inc., is backing away from