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How Casinos Protect Themselves Legally

— January 28, 2021

Running your own casino on the Vegas Strip promises fame and fortune, but getting to that point means that you’ll need to overcome a lot of legal obstacles.

Running a casino can be a lucrative venture, but making your casino a lasting and successful business is a major challenge. Businesses face a number of challenges, many of them legal, so making sure your company stays within the confines of the law, and casinos aren’t immune to that kind of problem. In fact, casinos may be even more at risk of landing in hot water thanks to the nature of Vegas. Here’s what you need to know about obeying the letter of the law for your casino.


The first legal concern for many businesses is the liability in the event of an accident. More specifically, a business may need to cover the medical expenses of an employee that has been injured on the job if the company is found liable for the accident, and this can be incredibly costly. Begin by consulting with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer in order to determine your rights in a given dispute, especially compared to your staff. Likewise, the same problem occurs when a patron becomes injured. If it can reliably be shown that the company is liable, then it may result in that business paying for damages, or even paying a fine if the incident shows sufficient negligence on the part of the company. There are also attorneys that specialize in matters of worker’s compensation that can be even more instrumental in protecting your company from liability, not to mention that they can also provide the expertise you need if a liability dispute goes to court.


One of the most universal legal protection needs of businesses is that of complying with business finance law. Companies are required to disclose their earnings on a quarterly basis, and failing to do so or doing so fraudulently or inaccurately will land you in trouble with the IRS, and the same can be said of filing your income taxes. There are many regulations that govern modern businesses, and it can be tricky to ensure that your company is following all of those regulations to a tee. Consulting with legal counsel that specializes in finances or even in business finance specifically is the best way to do so, because they will be much more familiar with the arcane inner workings of business regulations. Better still, business finance lawyers can even help you file your taxes by informing you of the various deductibles within your business model that you might have missed or by correcting some of your erroneous claims.


Attorney Wrote Himself Checks for Alcohol, Gambling Addictions
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Vegas casinos face an additional legal challenge just by existing, because the laws surrounding gambling can be pretty complex. Specifically, gambling is legal in the broader United States, but each state is free to have its own laws regarding this touchy subject. More importantly, online gambling is illegal in the US. More accurately, online gambling is illegal when the site or app is based in the US, whereas American citizens are free to gamble on sites originating in other countries. This is one of many potential pitfalls for up and coming casinos, because these laws are inconsistent at best and counterintuitive at worst, making casinos particularly vulnerable to regulations. However, it’s worth noting that gambling laws tend to favor smaller casinos, meaning that there is some lenience in the event of a mistake. However, you can’t afford to make those mistakes, anyway, because the damage to your income or your reputation may prove to be the final nail in the coffin, even if the legal consequences aren’t incredibly detrimental.

Running your own casino on the Vegas Strip promises fame and fortune, but getting to that point means that you’ll need to overcome a lot of legal obstacles. The law is vast and complex, making it difficult for casino owners to understand their rights. However, the answers are out there, and knowing who to consult can help you to protect yourself. These tips offer a great place to start, but it’s important to remember that you can usually find any answer if you do some digging.

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