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Top 7 Reasons to Fill Out a Will

— January 28, 2021

Filling out a will can give you and your family peace of mind and convenience in the future.

A will is a legal document that allows you to decide what happens with your estate after you passed away. Unfortunately, not all people consider creating one because they think that it’s complicated and just an extra expense.

If you’re one of them, you must know that there are countless reasons to fill out a will as soon as possible. Once you die without a will, you leave decisions up to your state’s laws and a local court. You won’t also have a say in who gets your assets or properties. Moreover, not having a will could make it hard for your loved ones.

So, before it’s too late, take note of the following reasons why wills are essential.

  1. To Avoid Family Disputes

Diving up estates can sometimes result in arguments and squabbles among your survivors if there’s no will or your wishes aren’t clear. A contested will can be damaging to relationships within your family, as well as expensive. With a well-prepared and clear will, you can avoid any possible arguments and prevent making your passing more stressful for your family.

  1. To Prevent A Costly And Lengthy Probate

With a will, it speeds up the probate process and informs the court on how you want your estate to be divided. A probate court serves the purpose of administering your estate. Once you leave the world without a will, the court will decide how your estate will be divided, which can lead to unnecessary and long delays. To prevent this, hire an attorney for will creation assistance.

  1. To Decide What Happens To Your Estate

A will is the only way you’ll be able to choose who you want your money, property, and possessions to be passed on to. Without one, it’s up to the government to decide.

Remember that a will is a legally-binding document that allows you to decide how your estate is distributed once you die. It also makes things easier for your family and reduces the chance of any possible disputes.

  1. To Appoint Your Children’s Guardian

Nobody knows their children better than their parents. If you die without a will, the state would decide who will take care of them. If you don’t want your children to suffer, you can choose their guardian. This way, you can guarantee that they’re looked after by someone you trust.

  1. To Save Your Loved Ones From Stress

Almost every estate has to go to probate court to begin the legal process overseeing how the assets are being distributed. However, if you did not fill out a will, the process can be complicated. The court has to name personal representatives to administer your estate. To avoid this, get a will to streamline the probate process and make everything easier for your loved ones.

  1. To Protect Your Business

A great way to pass your business to your co-owners or heirs is through making a will. Most family-owned businesses don’t last past the first generation, and the primary reason for it is lack of estate planning. If you treasure your business and you want it to grow more even after you die, fill out a will now.

  1. To Provide A Home For Your Loving Pets

    Dog and cat friends; image by Anusha Barwa, via
    Dog and cat friends; image by Anusha Barwa, via

If you own some pets, it’s one of the reasons why you should fill out a will today. With a will, you can ensure that somebody will take care of your pets if you die.

The law considers pets as properties, so you can’t leave assets to your pets with your will. However, you can name beneficiaries for your pets, leaving them to a trusted family member or friend. You can also choose people to serve as guardians of your pets and leave them funds to meet their needs.


Filling out a will can give you and your family peace of mind and convenience in the future. So, with the above reasons in mind, never leave anything to chance and get in touch with your lawyer today to get help with will writing.

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