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How Does No-Fault Law Work in Florida?

— August 5, 2022

When more than one person is at fault, then the rules of pure comparative negligence still apply.

Those involved in a car accident should make sure they are connected with an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner the driver contacts a lawyer, the earlier they can begin the legal process so they can be fairly compensated for their damages.

A major part of any car accident case is determining fault. It is only when fault is determined that everyone can be clear on who was negligent and who caused the accident to occur to begin with. The police report, witness statements, and any other information regarding the collision will be used to conclude who was actually at fault.

In Florida, the no-fault insurance law is followed. According to this law, if someone gets into an accident, they will seek reimbursement from their personal insurance. However, if the at-fault driver caused significant damages that can not all be covered by one’s own insurance, then individuals will have to get in touch with an attorney and can take matters to court so the negligent driver has to pay. An accident attorney who has dealt with such legal scenarios many times in the past can assist a person in navigating through the situation, so their best interests are taken into consideration.

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

It is an important fact to keep in mind that every collision is different and the legal route a person opts for will depend on what lead to the accident and how much damage was incurred along the way. For instance, if a person is rear-ended during the accident, then a legal presumption will be made that the trailing car is responsible for the accident. For this reason, drivers should make sure they always maintain a good distance between vehicles. If they do get into such an accident they should speak with lawyer right away to examine their legal options.

What Happens When Multiple People are Responsible for an Accident?

When more than one person is at fault, then the rules of pure comparative negligence still apply. This means that if a driver is partially responsible, they can still seek damages from the other drivers who also hold fault. However, the amount of compensation they get will be lower based on their own negligence.

The rules around car accidents can be very complicated and anyone who finds themselves in a collision should make sure they connect with an attorney without any delay. With the right lawyer by one’s side, individuals can improve their chances of getting properly compensated for the harm they suffered, without having to endure unnecessary delays.

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