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How the Next Generation Edge Devices Could Introduce Digital Transformation

— November 18, 2019

As digital transformation evolves, so does its components, and all the factors that surround it, one of which are devices or gadgets that contribute to make technology an ally or help to human tasks each day.

The world’s exposure to technology and anything digital has made it so easy for humans to adapt to the most recent and advanced changes in the environment. At such a time where technology continues to advance and develop at an exponential rate, digital transformation has become more than just a mere option or trend, but rather a necessity.

Digital transformation or DX refers to the act of “going paperless” or shifting from old and traditional processes into new, innovative ones. Digital transformation makes it so easy for companies all over the world to serve their clients better, accelerating customer experience even further. As different companies and countries across the globe embrace this technological change, more and more digital transformation case studies are being formulated and offered to the table, ready to be practiced and adopted by anyone.

As digital transformation evolves, so does its components, and all the factors that surround it, one of which are devices or gadgets that contribute to make technology an ally or help to human tasks each day. Since not every single person nor business is familiar with digital transformation and its benefits, devices, softwares, and systems are then made to help introduce this idea to many; hence, here’s how the next generation edge devices could introduce digital transformation to organizations all over the world.

What is an Edge Device?

Before anything else, it’s important that you know what an edge device is.

Person holding smartphone; image by Rodion Kutsaev, via
Person holding smartphone; image by Rodion Kutsaev, via

Edge computing, or edge devices, refers to any hardware pieces that control data flow right at the boundary of two networks. Both cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have accelerated the role being played by edge devices, which makes it even more powerful and useful today.

How the NextGen Edge Device Could Introduce DX

Here’s how edge computing devices can introduce digital transformation to individuals and organizations across the globe:

Allows Faster Connectivity

Edge computing devices allow data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed much closer to where it is created initially rather than delivering it across long hauls to several data centers and/or clouds. 

This allows faster network connectivity. In relation to digital transformation, a lot of individuals and companies alike can then incorporate digital transformation into their systems and business processes because of the faster and more accurate connectivity the edge computing devices provide. Not only that, but it also helps organizations analyze relevant data and analytics in near real-time since it’s processed much closer than usual.

Enhanced Security

Not going to lie, security is one of the most sought after factors of any device, software, or system, whether relating to digital transformation or not, and edge computing devices definitely provide upscale security.

Theoretically, edge computing devices have better security since, as mentioned, their data does not travel over a network, but rather stays closer to where it was originally created. The lesser data in a corporate data center setting, the less information there is to be vulnerable.

Helps Understand Customers Better

More than anything, edge computing devices help understand customers better and offer a much more personalized solution to problems and situations concerning anything digital. With that, organizations can better process data closer to devices and guarantee more significant security policies and privacy. If anything, edge computing devices or systems can actually help and remind you of tasks that you still need to accomplish. Now, wouldn’t you be so thankful for that? An actual program, device, system, or software reminds you of what you need to do! Just imagine all the other possibilities this could bring to businesses all over the world!

Wrapping Up

With digital transformation rapidly taking over technology and the way businesses perform and deliver products and services, wouldn’t you want to see for yourself how it can drastically change your life or your work as well? If you don’t shift to digital transformation now, then when do you plan to? You might be missing out on a lot of great opportunities. So, might I suggest you catch up with DX and all its latest trends while you still can.

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