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How Severely are Drunk Drivers Punished After an Accident in Phoenix?

— May 10, 2022

Drunk drivers are also financially liable for any damage that they cause if the victim chooses to bring a civil lawsuit.

Phoenix, AZ – Those who cause an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can face several different problems afterward. There are obviously criminal penalties that can limit the person’s ability to drive or even land them in jail. There are also civil lawsuits for compensation if the victim chooses to try to win a case to pay for their medical bills and lost income. 

Attorneys near me provide information about the process to bring a civil lawsuit against drunk drivers. 

Penalties for drunk driving in Phoenix

Drivers in Phoenix must obey the state’s DUI statute, as these laws apply throughout all cities in Arizona. If someone is arrested and charged, they face a driver’s license suspension, fines, mandatory jail time, and the possibility of other conditions of their sentence. 

All penalties for drunk driving are enhanced based on things like prior convictions, causing an accident along with injuries or property damage, and other factors. Drivers with several convictions for drunk driving penalties will likely lose their driving privileges permanently. 

Filing a civil case against the driver 

Drunk drivers are also financially liable for any damage that they cause if the victim chooses to bring a civil lawsuit with the help of Phoenix accident lawyers. These are negligence cases, and they can be filed whether the defendant is actually charged or convicted of drunk driving or not. The only issue in the negligence case is whether the defendant driver violated the relevant standard of care on the roads and caused the plaintiff’s injuries. The amount that the defendant must pay will be sufficient to cover the plaintiff’s costs, which means that the damages available increase if the accident is more severe. Phoenix DUI accident lawyers have experience trying to negotiate the largest settlement possible for their clients. 

Insurance issues

Image by Andrew Khoroshavin, courtesy of Pixabay.
Image by Andrew Khoroshavin, courtesy of Pixabay.

Depending on the specifics of the driver’s auto policy, they may be covered by their liability insurance, or they may have to pay these costs out of their own money, as some policies will refuse to cover a driver who broke the law by driving drunk. After the accident it is also possible that their insurance rates will increase greatly or they can have difficulty finding an insurance provider who is willing to cover them due to increased risk. Many insurance companies will choose to place these increases on a driver even if they are only charged but never convicted of the DUI, as they have discretion to raise a driver’s rates for many different reasons. 

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