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How to Boost Productivity During the Uncertain Times of Covid-19?

— October 19, 2020

Remember, the present is what is in hand, so live in the moment and make the best of it!

COVID-19 has led to a period of extreme fear and panic amongst the global populations. It has caused severe emotional claustrophobia because of the uncertainty and adrenaline coursing through the being of each individual. With the sudden lockdowns and announcement of quarantine in major cities, people were not prepared.

From shortages of essential groceries and the lack of safety precautions ingrained in our fast, digital lives, people found it very challenging to cope up with jobs and remote working opportunities. Companies were forced to cut down jobs, and the working populations were forced to become mindful and vigilant to secure a position that would help them restore a semblance of normalcy within their homes.

This historical event has caused minute by minute changes that have impacted the planet in irreversible ways. The significance of the circumstances cannot be downplayed due to the sheer magnitude of the situation. While the first wave of the Coronavirus may have subsided in a few countries, it still rages on in the major countries of the world.

Irrespective of the fact that the Coronavirus has been advancing since the last six months, the lack of structure and certainty in daily routines has created an absolute unrest for most of the people involved. Productivity has gone low, and efficiency has stooped lower than the expectations of human resource departments.

Under the current circumstances where we are not yet sure about our safety, team  Legal Reader has decided to support, encourage, and challenge our readers with actionable tips to stay focused and calm in the face of the pandemic.

Find your calm

The best way to get back to your optimum level of productivity is through finding your calm. Whether it is the anxiety about the spread of the pandemic or the piling deadlines that you haven’t been able to meet, you can only solve your problems when you feel calm.

We can advise meditation, but that is a little complex to grasp, which is why we believe that having ‘me time’ is a better way to feel calm. You can have a cup of tea or listen to a playlist that transports you to a calm mindset to help you relax.

Stay focused on the day

Extant literature states that anxiety pushes the individual to either cling to the past or delve into the future. This overthinking will only take you away from the present. This is why we suggest our readers stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Try taking out time for regular things like a survey on This will help you feel rational while adjusting to the new normal.

Yellow highlighter on journal; image by Estée Janssens, via
Yellow highlighter on journal; image by Estée Janssens, via

Try making checklists for the tasks you need to accomplish in a day while keeping immediacy in mind. Focus on today. It is all that we have in hand!

Follow a routine

Routines play a critical role in boosting productivity. Considering the fact that many organizations have developed flexibility for remote work, a lack of structure and routine has put countless gainfully employed individuals in a state of ennui.

Developing a routine similar to the one you had in the past will help you stay on track with work and personal life as well.

Begin a gratitude journal

In times of uncertainty like the wrap-up phase of the pandemic being celebrated presently, it is necessary for people to be grateful for all the things they do have. Whether it is family, friends, your favourite food in the fridge or even something as minuscule as a pair of AirPods, list down the things that you are truly glad to have in your life.

This may seem a little off, but you can list down material things in your gratitude journal as well. You can dive straight into the deep questions of life and chakras until you have found your truth. So start with basic things and let the intensity of thought grow on a healthy pace of time.

Remember, there is no rush. You are starting the journal to feel grounded and connected to the present. If a journal seems cumbersome to you, then you can choose to make a list of the top three things you are grateful for, every morning. Once you get in the habit, it’ll come naturally to you.

Start video conferencing

This may seem like a no-brainer but video conferencing with friends, family, and colleagues helps you move into action. Whether you decide to dress up or to stay in your pyjamas is a choice you have, but psychologically when you appear in video calls, you feel conscious of the present and develop accountability for your actions.

You can only restore your productivity by accepting accountability for your actions, and that is hard when you are left to your own accord.

Move more than you need to

Yes. Yes. Yes. Physical movement is the best way to boost productivity. It helps you feel healthy and reminds you to be mindful of yourself. The more you move around the house, the better your neural connections will evolve. Movement fires up neurons responsible for memory, and it also enhances your cognition. What more could one ask for!

Consume good content

Instead of scrolling on social media for hours on end, you can take this time to consume good content. You can start reading books from your to-be-read list or start watching documentaries to increase your knowledge. Either way, the goal is to stay away from the claustrophobic news.

Final Thoughts

The best activity to boost your productivity in the tail end of the first wave is to reset yourself. You can use this time to develop better habits like drinking more water and incorporating healthier meals into your daily nutritional routine to reach your health outcomes.

Staying away from constant updates on the pandemic is the first step in restoring productivity in this uncertain time. Remember, the present is what is in hand, so live in the moment and make the best of it!

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