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How to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers in 2021

— December 17, 2020

YouTube dominates the online content creating platforms. By gaining more viewers and subscribers on your channel, the results could be life changing.

YouTube has developed into an important platform for almost everyone, from young children to the elderly and all people in between. It is an online video-sharing platform that has completely revolutionised the world. Now people take to the site for cooking videos, to the watch content of their favourite celebrities or to watch an original YouTube series. 

The possibilities associated with YouTube are endless; one can become a viral hit in a matter of hours with the correct content. By gaining a lot of views on your content you can also generate a hefty income. That is why there is a lot of emphasis on the number of subscribers you have to your YouTube channel or views on your videos. 

So how do you get even more subscribers and viewers on YouTube? Below are many tips and tricks to help you grow your channel over time.

Planning Makes Perfect

Initially you should have some idea about on what you hope to focus your YouTube videos on. It is important to spend some time planning your proof of concept and working to develop a plan to increase a positive reception to your channel.

This may be time consuming at first, but it will pay off with possibly enormous dividends when it comes to gaining views and subscribers. It should be a topic that you understand well and can explain and express that through your videos.

Screenshot of YouTube site; image by Christian Wiediger, via
Screenshot of YouTube site; image by Christian Wiediger, via

Ensure that you brand yourself, your videos and your channel well, that way it will stick in the watchers’ mind. This makes it more likely for them to remember you and your videos and watch again or subscribe.

Co-create Videos with YouTube Stars

Whilst this may seem like an easy and obvious way to gain viewers, getting YouTube stars to collaborate can be tough. As they have a natural buzz about their channels and videos, getting involved with them will help boost your own ratings. Nevertheless, you must come with a worthy plan of action to make them want to co-create videos with you. 

Working with famous people is always a struggle, they may have busy schedules, different working hours or free time, or they might be reluctant to partner with you. Ensure that your own channel is flawless before attempting to collaborate with anyone. Work on your own brand image and the quality of your videos first; it may be worth collaborating with other YouTubers that are just starting to practise.

Make sure that anyone you collaborate with sees the benefits of working with you, and vice versa. There is no point in begging, paying or overworking yourself on a collaboration with someone to reap little to no rewards. Ensure that the person you hope to collaborate with will bring added value, hopefully in the form of viewers and subscribers.

Link with Your Social Media Platforms

It seems obvious, link all of your social media platforms together and you will see an all-encompassing increase in growth. If only it was that easy. Most social media sites fight hard to keep their users on their own site, they don’t want to promote a YouTube video. This makes it difficult for those with large social media followers to transfer them into YouTube subscribers.

Usually social media platforms love to see an increase in their own, native content. Using the videos you create and share in YouTube can do this, it just takes a little more time. You can also use sites like to help you plan these posts, making it less time consuming and targeted to your desired audience. 

First you should grab a snippet of your video, no longer than a minute and a half’s worth. Make sure that the clip you choose is relevant in its own right, so it fully discusses a point within that time. Then you should upload this clip onto your social media platform as a native video content. From there the platform should promote this themselves and you can promote your video via social media with ease.

Purchasing Viewers or Subscribers

If you require viewers or subscribers fast, then there is an option to purchase them. Many sites online offer this service for users, acting like a bot that will boost your YouTube presence in seconds. A great site to help you grow is; this site offers the best packages and opportunities to grow your YouTube channel to its full potential. 

Ensure that you have tried the other options before going to such drastic measures. It is also important that you research the site you decide to buy views or subscribers from in great detail. Some which have been known to offer such services do not deliver the goods.

Purchasing views or subscribers can get you in a tricky situation; there are other ways to grow without the worry, such as These sites can give you the boost you need to get more viewers more interested in your offerings. For some this may seem an archaic view of increasing your YouTube stats, but in there are many cases where it’s a last resort and they have seen great outcomes from doing so.

Final Thoughts

YouTube dominates the online content creating platforms. By gaining more viewers and subscribers on your channel, the results could be life changing. Please ensure that you do all you can to increase your views and subscribers before going to extreme lengths. With that being said, do not completely rule them out as they could give you the push your channel requires to grow.

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