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“If I don’t survive…” An Essure Victim Speaks Out

— October 16, 2015

Brandi Casey, a former model and Essure victim, bravely speaks out about her experience with this dangerous medical device. She suffers from metal toxicity and a host of other adverse effects caused by Essure. Yet it’s maker, Bayer, and the FDA continue to tout it as a safe product.

I hope you’ll take the time (about 14 minutes) to watch Brandi Casey’s brave and heart-wrenching video message to those considering getting Essure implants. It’s not an easy video to watch, but it’s important given Bayer’s and the FDA’s attempts to tell those who suffer that “it’s all in their heads.” This is a message that needs to be heard and shared. “If I don’t survive…” An Essure victim speaks out.


This photo collage shows Brandi (a former model) both before and after Essure implantation. She’s recently found a doctor her insurance will cover who is willing to remove the implants and treat her for metal toxicity. The doctor is seven hours away and Brandi is struggling to gather the funds to cover travel expenses, medications and her co-pays.

If you’re able to help, she has a GoFundMe campaign.

There is also a Facebook group, Essure Problems, that offers moral support and good information for Essure victims.

Activist Erin Brockovich has created a website, Essure Procedure, in an effort to create change regarding this horrible device.

Bayer has a lot for which it needs to answer and, frankly, so does the FDA.

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